based on assignment 2, write longer

there is an example from others

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the form should be like example, and around same long



Decision Dilemma Summary

Student Name

Instructor Name



Assignment 1


In school, the life of students is influenced by many factors. At first, owing to the fact that they are no longer under the care of their parents, the decisions they make are influenced by multiple elements in the long run. The girls at College are faced with a hard decision to make. While on the one hand, the final exams are crucial for the success of the girls, on the other hand, the party is also important to them since they will fulfill the desire to belong to a particular group. Influence from their peers is too extensive that the ladies have to make a hard decision between the two variables. Even though it is late at night, there are many factors that need to be considered so that the decision can balance life. It is not a strange scenario on campus, but it is required for the wellness of the life of students in the long run. However, since there are different motives on the same, it is true that priorities will determine the decision that the ladies will make.

Ending shot

In the story, the end results are a decision that needs to be made regarding the priority in that situation. It is a break-even point between studying and partying, whichever appears to go with the ladies.

Main disagreement

Even though it is late into the night, the first decision is to make a choice of whether to read or to party. There is an internal monologue of what to be foregone.

Action at Stake

The disagreement is seen by the fact that it is late at night, at 11 pm, and there is an end of semester paper starting at 7 am. The fact that there is no time, and the girls had not appropriately studied is the root cause of the disagreement.

Character issues

Whereas resilience is the fact that these girls possess, on the other hand, they are quickly taken away by pleasure. Education requires a commitment, which they actually lack while making choices is also a concern to them.

Character dynamics

The ladies are good friends in that it is clear that they have been doing their daily chores together. They study together and party together.

Key Dialogue

The ladies must be discussing the friends who will attend the party. They have also to talk about the topics that they have not covered. They also will discuss the past performance in continuous assessment tests of the unit.

Assignment 2

Girl 1: The semester has not been bad either. We have discussed most of the topics in that unit.

Girl 2: Yes, we might have grasped a few concepts, but I would suggest that we study to avoid getting a bad grade.

Girl 1: I agree with you, but we performed well in our continuous assessment tests, a fact that will motivate us to study a few topics. We have time for the party, right?

Girl 1: You understand very clearly that we have been reduced in our decision making. Had we studied hard throughout the semester, we would have everything in our hands.

Girl 2: We don’t need to worry. Furthermore, the party has just started right away. We need to leave before it is too late.

Girl 1: I don’t agree with you, at first, it is late at night, and if we attend the party, we might go to the exam room with hangovers, which will affect our performance dearly.

Girl 2: I am not listening to your apologies, its time we make a decision now.

The end



Billy Nguyen






are sitting at the table eating breakfast.


Are you ready for this exam? I haven’t

had any time to study for it.


I am about ready as I’m going to be. Don’t

stress it. There’s nothing you can do about it now. So, no point in worrying too much.

Bob is getting anxious about the exam as he realizes that it is worth 50% of his overall grade.


I just wish there was a way to get out of this.


What do you got in mind? I mean don’t even

think about looking off of my exam because you

know the teacher hates us.

Marley is thinking whether or not to tell Bob that she has all the answers to the exam from a previous class.


Easy for you to say. The teacher loves you

and you don’t even have to worry about passing

the class because you’re on the cheer team. All

you need is your good looks to get by in life while

we all actually have to do the work.


WOW. Jealous much? I sense some hostility

coming from that way. And here I was thinking

about sharing the answers to the exam with you too.

Since I was feeling kind of sorry for you but now

I might have to reconsider that.


Are you serious? You really got the


to the exam.

You got to help me out.

Like for real. I really need you on this way.


It’s a little too late for the boot licking now buddy.

I’ve changed my mind. Maybe if you weren’t so

mean to me earlier then it would have been different.

Marley starts to get up from the table. Bob follows from behind and grabs her by her arm to stop her from leaving.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. How about I

make it up to you? Tell me what you want me to

do and I’ll fucking do it. Just let me get the answers

to the exam.

Fine. Ill forgive you since I am the bigger person,

but you have to help my older brother out with a

favor. The thing about this favor is that when he

calls you. You pick up. It could be 10 pm, 12am,

or 5 am. If he calls? You show up. Plain and simple.

Bobby takes a couple of deep breaths. Marley looks at the time and it seems like class is going to start soon.


Alright, it’s a deal. I need to pass this exam.

What kind of favor am I doing? Nothing illegal right?


It’s nothing illegal or that illegal. Lol. Well,

I don’t got time to wait with you. See you later.

Okay, I’ll meet you up after my first class.

I’ll make you a copy. Remember if you get

caught, keep my name out of your mouth.


You don’t got to worry about me snitching.

That’s never going to happen

But alright ill meet you up your lockers

After first period. You’re a life saver.


BOBBY and MARLEY meet up by the lockers on their 10 min break.


I’m not sure this is a great idea after all.

I don’t want to get in trouble for cheating.


Are you serious right now? I guess

you don’t want it.


Hold on. Let me rethink this over.


STOP being such a bitch dude. Take it. I already

made the copy. Okay, you need to pass this shit

anyways and this is the only way. Remember

if you get caught, keep my name out of your mouth.

Alright, well I’m outta here. Good luck on the exam.

And don’t forget. When I call, you better pick up.

MARLEY takes off. BOBBY glances down at the cheat sheet to the exam, then starts to walk towards his next class.



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