Week 2 Encoded Message in The Form of An Image Discussion

Assuming that you have been successful with the steganography exercise in this session’s lecture, Please post a picture encoded with a message (50 words or more, a smaller message will get less than full credit) here. Use passcode ‘ABC.’ If you choose different passcode, please post that passcode too. Decode the message of your fellow students who is before you in the class list(the first student will decrypt the message of the last student). Please post the message you decoded. And let the decoder fellow student know whether the message is correct. Completing all the steps would give full credit. Thus you should 3 postings

1. A picture with a hidden message (50 or more words, fewer words will get less credit)

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Week 2 Encoded Message in The Form of An Image Discussion
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2. Decoded plain text message on the discussion page of the student whose message you decoded

3. Acknowledgment that message is correct ( you may have to try more than once until you can decode the message)


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