University of Minnesota The Kensington Runestone Case Study Questions

Read: Kehoe, pages 21-38: “What Can Archeology Show” and “Hard Data:Geology” chapters and “Kensington Runestone at the World’s Fair” (p. 4-14)
With what you know so far, start developing a compare/contrast (i.e. write a
pro/con) list based on research (what you have read, watched, etc.) that you
plan to use for your presentation of opinion for the Kensington Case.
1. What scientific or technological advances, research were outlined within
the chapters during the 1950s or 1960s that challenged what was
previously thought about the Kensington Runestone?
2. Did this new evidence change your own opinion on the Kensington Case?
Why or why not?
3. Why might changes in opinion occur during the 1950-1960s? What new
evidence did either reading discuss about what was found or
4. How does the site at L’Anse aux Meadows and exhibit at the World’s Fair
portray the history of the Vikings in North America or Minnesota
5. What motivations might the pavilion exhibitors have had in “marketing”
Minnesota by using the Kensington Runestone’s alleged place in Nordic,
pre-Columbian North America?
Try to refer to sources or examples that support your opinions. Cite correctly
with primary and/or secondary sources as best you can.
Note: You may refer to for basic answers to common questions and use Citation Generators – or
you can visit the Writing Center on Normandale campus or schedule an online
meeting for help with citing sources.

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