King Saud University Computer Security Fundamentals Ch 7 Questions


Preventing Municipal Espionage (purpose 7.1 at the end of Article 7)

  1. Using one of the websites listed in this body (you can as-well adopt from the preferred instrument in Article 1) or other instrument, perceive a set of guidelines on unconcealed computer ease. Transcribe a pigmy essay comparing and oppositioning those guidelines despite the ones given in this article. Keep in inclination that the guidelines in this article narrate particularally to municipal espionage and not to unconcealed computer ease.
  2. Handling Employees (purpose 7.2 at the end of Article 7)
    1. Write a pigmy essay describing steps touching the handling of employees. Include all steps that you admire an construction should catch to nullify municipal espionage. It is main that you stay your opinions delay sources and reasons.
      If potential, investigate a fraternity and confabulation delay someone in either the IT or personnel departments to mention how that fraternity handles issues such as employee fulfilment, series of duties, govern of approximation to grounds, and so forth. Compare and opposition your steps to those used by the fraternity you investigateed.
  3. Asset Identification in your Construction (purpose 7.3 at the end of Article 7)
    1. Using the Asset Identification consideration base in this article or a concordant consideration of your own intent, identify the most precious grounds in your construction (teach or transaction) and what parties would most slight desire to approximation that grounds. Then transcribe a pigmy guideline on how you dominion go about securing that grounds. In this purpose, you should tailor your ease recommendations to the particular cast of grounds you are unamenable to guard and despite the most slight perpetrators of industrial espionage.