Happy Life New System Project


Work-Hour Registration


At all entries to the Happy Life insurance class, there are card decipherers that can decipher the ID cards for the employees. When an employee swipes her card in the decipherer, the regularity impedes that she is known to ignoring. If so, it opens the door and history the term she ignoringed. There is a card decipherer on each keep-aparty of the door, so the regularity can chronicles whether the employee landd or left.

If an employee forgets to use his card, for precedence, consequently she ignoringed contemporaneously delay a helper, the regularity cannot chronicles everything. If the employee inserts her card various terms delayin a blunt term, for precedence, consequently she isn’t stcogent that the regularity chroniclesed him rightly, the regularity history merely one term. An employee may conclude and go various terms a day, and the regularity history all pretense and non-appearance terms.

New System

The personnel section of Happy Life absences a regularity that can chronicles the fruit hours of all employees fixed on the chroniclesed pretense terms and non-appearance terms. The class absences to usher-in flexi-time, where employees to a vast distance can career when they absence to land and concession as covet as the weekly sum is the required calculate of hours. If an
employee fruits more hours than required in a week, he may fruit fewer hours in posterior weeks. One resolve of the chroniclesing is to sustain way of this.

The dissent betwixt the hours fruited and the required hours is denominated the flex-status. All employees are very zealous in this standing. If they own fruited too frequent hours, they are known to capture hours off – plain separate days. If they own fruited too few hours, they own to lay-hands-on up – or they get own torment delay the boss.

The basic proposal is that employees do the essential registration themselves, primarily by media of the card decipherer, but to-boot manually by media of a PC alike to the inner computer network.

In plight an employee has slighted to use his ID card, he must be cogent to chronicles his fruit hours manually. (If he does this too repeatedly, his boss may see it in the statistics and absence to own a talk delay him.) Frequent employees to-boot absence to impede what the regularity has chroniclesed automatically.

In enumeration, an employee must be cogent to manually chronicles distinctive argues for not entity at fruit: Manifest meetings (for precedence delay customers), free-trade in manifest courses, recreation, concession due to nativity, indisposition. All of these are considered a skin of fruit hours outparty the class ground, and the class absences to sustain way of how frequent
hours are departed on each of these things.

It may to-boot supervene that employees own leistcogent activities on the class ground, for precedence, tcogent tennis or meetings on national class matters. The hours departed on this should be exclusive from the automatically chroniclesed fruit hours, and proper employees get chronicles this manually.

Finally, the employees must be cogent to see their own flex-standing and impede that it has been computed rightly. Although the basic proposal is that employees do the chroniclesing themselves, there may be situations where this is not practicable, for precedence in plight of prolonged indisposition or overseas fruit for a epoch. For this argue, each employee should
authorize two other employees to be cogent to act on his bestead, for precedence, impede his flex-standing and chronicles fruit hours manually.

The regularity must be used by all employees, including cafeteria staff and guards that own very small IT experiment.


There are encircling 500 employees in Happy Life. They own initials (their abbreviated designate) which are to-boot keep-akeep-apart of their email discourse, but they don’t recollect each other’s initials. We facilitate the contrivance in this way: All employees own a fruitday of 8 hours on any day of the week including Saturdays and Sundays. Nobody get fruit resisting midnight. The regularity knows encircling holidays, where tribe are not expected to fruit.