SOC 417.T2 Functionalism

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SOC 417.T2 Functionalism
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Functionalism Worksheet

Sociology students should be able to explain what is meant by functionalism and how it applies to society. This assignment will help you learn this concept.

Answer the prompts below. You will need to cite scholarly sources from the GCU library to support your answers:

Topic 2: Functionalism

After reading the assigned readings, cite two to four sources to summarize what is meant by functionalism. (200-250 words)

Functionalism is the theory based on the premise that all aspects of a society to include institutions and social norms

Parsons, Talcott. (2006). In D. Jary, & J. Jary (Eds.), Collins dictionary of sociology (4th ed.). London, UK: Collins. Retrieved from

Citing two sources, explain how functionalism applies to society. (100-150 words)

How Theory Works

Using the social problem you selected in Topic 1, cite two sources that show how a functionalist theorist would explain your social problem, and how this social problem stabilizes society (75-100 words)

Select two major functionalist theorists. Using your selected social problem, cite two to four sources and compare/contrast the views of these theorists in regards to the social problem. (200-250 words)


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