Provide a substantive response to both peers below answering question below: 

·  How does your understanding of cultural inclusivity compare and/or contrast to that of your peers?

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1.  Banks-Refugee in America (Georgia) 100 words Minimum

          Georgia is among states that receive the highest number of refugees for resettlement and has resettled more than 37,000 refugees since 1993. Clarkston receives a large portion of these refugees, but arrivals have gradually declined yearly since 2016. See Clarkston, Georgia

          In most countries refugee has become accustomed to very poor conditions some of the things of concern are as follow, diabetes, anemia, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, tuberculosis, Infectious, hepatitis B sexually transmitted, infections, malaria, etc., to just name a few, See Refugee health.

          The above is the health reason the other reason what put them there is war and or trying to escape, violence, or prosecution or a combination of the three. See REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT FACTS.

          The above is the facts and reasons why they leave, their immediate needs. When resettled in America the receive, in America programs are in place ensures that refugees receive adequate healthcare, which is not provided in their native country, here in Georgia they follow a strict guideline to assure that people who are entering the country/state are ok, look at the 4 central purpose that is in place (1) to reduce and recognize health-related barriers to successful resettlement, (2) to protect the health of local, state, and national populations, (3) identify health issues that may need continued care over and beyond public health’s capacity, and (4) ensure that the client has full use of Medicaid during their eight-month eligibility as mandated by the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). America/Georgia is going over an beyond to assure these human beings are helped. See Refugee Health Program. Clarkston, Georgia

2. Sandin- Hispanic immigrants and Healthcare in America 100 words Minimum

According to NCBI, by the year 2030 hispanics will make up 20% of the US population. Hispanic culture brings family-oriented values to this country. In the Hispanic culture, family needs are valued over individual needs(Landale, Oropesa & Bradatan, 2020). The Father plays a major role as the patriarch of the family.

In my experience, healthcare caters to Spanish speaking cultures second to English speaking. Healthcare information is printed primarily in English and Spanish, easing the burden to Spanish speaking immigrants. In a hospital setting, because of the prevalence of English and Spanish speakers translators in this language are more easily accessible. Imagine what it must be like to be in a country where you don’t speak the language and be ill and hospitalized.  Family support is evident as there are often many family members there to support their loved ones when they are in a situation where they must be hospitalized. From a standpoint of overall health, Hispanics tend to struggle with being overweight, leading to a host of health conditions like diabetes (“Hispanics and Health Care in the United States”, 2020)

How do immigrants pay for healthcare? Many are forced to work illegally and healthcare is not afforded to them. This results in lack of preventative care and a delay in seeking healthcare when ill or injured. The cost of subsequent care typically lies with the taxpayers.

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) assists immigrants with things like obtaining citizenship(“Immigration – Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN)”, 2020). Since US citizenship is key to obtaining a job and access to higher education this program serves this vulnerable population in a very important way.


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