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Employee Relations within Nescafé Comment by Chris: Not sure where you found this, but it is incorrect – see sample for class, APA manual and previous submissions

Columbia Southern University

Tiffany Chism

Dr. Brandmeir

February 18, 2020

Employee Relations within Within Nescafé Comment by Chris: Don’t block text Comment by Chris: Both the title page and the blocking of text was pointed out before, but you choose to ignore


Nescafé was first introduced in the year 1938 and is a coffee brand of Nestlé. The name Nescafé is derived from the two words, ‘Nestlé’ and ‘Cafe.’ Nescafé handles employee relations in a similar way asto its parent company Nestlé does. Despite having divergent laws, culture, and rules in different parts of the world, Nestlé’s culture is based on the values of mutual respect, trust, and dialogue. The same holds true for Nescafé as it does not require a separate set of values, employee relations, and the code of ethics. As per the year 2019 statistics, indicate that Nestlé has over 352,000 employees across the globe and the employee relations laws and ethics apply the same way to Nescafé. The company has a zero accidents policy to ensure healthy behavior and lifestyle of employee at workplace. The company doesn’t does not discriminate on gender, race, age, disability, belief system, and color. As Ferrell, Thorne & and Ferrell (2016) illustrates the need to facilitate employees for organizational growth and business-society healthy relationship, Nescafe ensures that their employees are efficient enough to perform the task. Top-tier management believes in women empowerment and takes measures to integrate women within the socioeconomic fabric of the society in which they operate, and within the organization. There are various corporate social responsibility activities run by the company in the different part of the world and it isthey are divided into three broad segments, that is, community, workplace, and marketplace. Lastly, the company ensures access to skill training, employment, and education. Nestlé’s regional work in different part of the world like including Africa and South Asia has have been recognized at various point of time as most employee-friendly organization within the industry of food and beverages. Comment by Chris: Why the misuse of the definite artlce? Comment by Chris: Not English Comment by Chris: No contractions per APA and announcements for this class. Comment by Chris: Plural subject Comment by Chris: And this relates to the introductory phrase how?????? Comment by Chris: I am going to stop correcting the writing at this point – needs serious work.

Importance of Employees to the Business

Each employee is critical to the well-being of employees as a whole and efficiency of each employee is directly proportional to the customer’s satisfaction. Keeping an informed, equipped, and efficient employee is more important to the wellbeing of organization than the departments of marketing, sales, and customer service. In a similar way, organizational culture is the product of employees relations and a toxic culture has negative impact on company and the community in which it serves. A competitive firm in the market, especially the global companies, needs to have efficient employees for organizational growth. On the other hand, employees are the link between customers and top-tier leadership which makes the organization dependent on employees. Lastly, employees are engine of organizational growth because they not only undertake operational activity, but also work as brand ambassadors within the community and household from where the come. Comment by Chris: What? They are critical because they are critical?????? Comment by Chris: Employees are engine…..

Legal Issues Involving Employee relations Relations that That affect Affect Nescafé

The selected firm for analysis is a global company with worldwide operations and its employees belong to different races, color, region, culture, and gender. In order to ensure healthy workplace environment, it needs to abide by the local and national laws, coupled with abiding the cultural norms and values. It is increasingly difficult in global competitive market to lower the cost of production and ensuring international standards for labor. Nescafé ensures compliance with the applicable laws of the country in which it operates, and also abides by the international standards for laws under various international institutions like, the guidelines presented for Multinational Enterprises by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), eight fundamental Conventions of the ILO, ILO declaration on Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy, and the UN Global Company.

Importance of Work-Life Balance

The workWork-life balance is necessary for a healthy lifestyle which positively effects the quality of life outside workplace and work efficiency at workplace. The necessary measures taken by the selected company are ensuring fixed number of daily work hours, weekly holidays, annual leaves, health benefits that facilitates work-life balance, and advocacy campaigns aimed at making employees aware of their rights, including health, labor rights, and quality of life in general. A higher level of efficiency is achieved through dedicating proper time to work, family, and social activities (Sirgy, & Lee, 2018). In a similar way, personal time is also an important part of the work-life balance because an individual lacking ‘me-time’ will eventually be demotivated to work or ignore family responsibilities under work stress. Comment by Chris: And this relates to Nescafe how?????????????

Benefits Offered to the Employees of Nescafé

Nescafé provides financial and non-financial benefits to the employees so that they can work efficiently in the organization, despite the regional diversity of employees where the company operates. Apart from providing wages on proper scheduled time in the month, Nescafé provides health and education allowances to the needy employees. It also ensures that the health and educational well-being of its employees is retained,? and an attempt is made in different parts of the world to provide immediate health and educational benefits to the immediate family members of the employee working at Nescafé.
Comment by Chris: There is a ‘proper’ time of the month? This means what? Comment by Chris: Source???


Ferrell, O. C., Thorne, D., & Ferrell, L. (2016). Business and society: A strategic approach to social responsibility & ethics (5th ed.). Chicago, IL: Chicago Business Press.

Sirgy, M. J., & Lee, D. J. (2018). Work-life balance: An integrative review. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 13(1), 229-254.


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