Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary.

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Lesson 1 (5.0 points)

1. What is advertising? (1.0 points)

2. What is public relations? (1.0 points)

3. What is publicity? (0.5 points)

4. What is a press release? (0.5 points)

5. What is personal selling? (0.5 points)

6. What is direct marketing? (0.5 points)

7. What is a sales promotion? (0.5 points)

8. What is word of mouth promotion? (0.5 points)

Lesson 2 (5.0 points)

1. What are three types of print ads? (1.0 points)

2. What are three examples of outdoor and public ads? (1.0 points)

3. What are three disadvantages of radio ads? (1.0 points)

4. How is product placement different from a commercial? (0.5 points)

5. What is an infomercial? (0.5 points)

6. What are two advantages of Internet advertising? (0.5 points)

7. What is the difference between product and institutional advertising? (0.5 points)


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