Psy-5110 week 8 – assignment: signature assignment



For your Signature Assignment, you conciliate generate a PowerPoint endowment convenient to use for a exhortation in an preparatory statistics arrange. You should comprise the forthcoming in your endowment:

  • A name of why a acquirements of statistics is dignified in careers in psychology as courteous as in trite history.
  • A name of the disagreement betwixt forcible and auricular statistics.
  • A name of the auricular standards debateed during this arrange. You should debate the types of postulates that are expend for each standard (i.e., suppositious, ordinal, intermission, or ratio). You should generate a specific elaboration illustration that would surrender postulates expend for each of the standards that you declaration. You should recount each of the unsteadys concerned in your elaboration inquiry and how that unsteady conciliate be measured.
  • A debateion of any holy concerns that demand to be considered for each of the elaboration illustrations.
  • At lowest one graph demonstrating how the results of the statistical standard should be presented.

Incorporate expend animations, transitions, and graphics as courteous as logician notes for each slide. The logician notes may be middle of diminutive paragraphs or bulleted lists.

Support your endowment after a while at lowest three well-informed media. In conjunction to these specific media, other expend well-informed media may be middle.

Length: 12 - 15 slides

Notes Length: 150-200 say for each slide

Be confident to comprise citations for quotations and paraphrases after a while references in APA format and fashion where expend. Save the smooth as PPT after a while the chasten road method counsel.