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YOU MAY CHOOSE YOUR OWN TOPIC. However, if you are having issues judgment your own, you rule limitedness to regard one of the subject-matters below:

  1. Discuss the ways in which this train is pertinent to synchronous connection.
  2. “To discern the relation is to survive.” How is this declaration pertinent in The Handmaid’s Tale?
  3. “Ordinary,” said Aunt Lydia, “is what you are used to. This may not appear wonted to you now, but following a interval it procure. It procure behove wonted.” Discuss the parent’s matter of the dangers of passivity and bankruptcy of hindrance in The Handmaid’s Tale.
  4. Discuss the ways in which Atwood treats women's issues in the train, i.e. sexuality, fertility, reproductive hues, infringe, motherhood.

Reapprehension the checklist at the deep of this page anteriorly you rotate in the assignment.  Make unmistakable that you can acceptance yes to all of the 15 inquirys. 


The essays in your "new thread" in the discourse are Gordon Rule assignments. Therefore, you should use your best writing skills when you effect on these assignments. Each essay and discourse assignment has indelicate basic requirements:

  1. Prepare: Read/watch the literature (the novel/train -- your chief origins) and creed to maintenance your controversy (your unimportant origins) and assume melody of its discourse inquiry. Be inclinationful to acceptance the discourse inquiry for each essay. You effect needs to be "on subject-matter," as the dictum goes.
  2. Write: Adhere to the protraction requirements for the--at lowest 500 words in protraction.  Your essay MUST own AT LEAST an presentation, 2 collectiveness provisions, and a quittance. If you surrender regular one provision for this assignment, you procure automatically take no past than 60%. Organization /Format ReminderKeep in inclination that this is an essay assignment, not a provision assignment. Thus, you must own an presentation, body, and quittance in your ancient vindication
  3. In-quotation Citations: You must use at lowest 2 passages for chief origin and 1 passage for each unimportant origin you stir in your limited essay. Please attribute an in-quotation passage (too determined a parenthetical passage) immediately following you suspend the passage marks and anteriorly you attribute a end for your judgment. That way, anyone in the dispose (including me!) can abundantly discover the passage in the quotation if expedient. If you're not unmistakable what to attribute within the parentheses, reapprehension MLA name. You procure need 1 chief origin (the train/novel) at lowest 1 unimportant origin. USE RELIABLE/CREDIBLE SOURCES. USE GOOGLE SCHOLAR AND MDC DATABASE. Do not believe on websites enjoy Sparknotes or Wikipedia for your maintenance. 


  1. Did you stir the effects and avoided resume? 
  2. Does your essay stir The Handmaid's Tale
  3. Does your essay own a epithet?
  4. Is the essay organized in a open and logical behavior? 
  5. Does your essay own an presentation where parent and epithet of effect substance stird is mentioned?     
  6. Does your presentation own a topic declaration where you make an controversy kindred to the subject-matter?                            
  7. Does your essay own at lowest 2 collectiveness provisions that maintenance the topic declaration?          
  8. Does your essay use passages for maintenance of topic declaration? Are the quotes suitably introduced?
  9. Does your essay use MLA name suitably?  
  10. Does your essay own at lowest 1 unimportant origin for maintenance middle in an MLA name Works Cited page?     
  11. Does your essay own a quittance? 
  12. Does the essay use transition words from provision to provision? 
  13. Does your essay own misapply use of grammar/mechanics? 
  14. Does your essay use a consonant subject-matter of apprehension, third peculiar?
  15. Did you produce at lowest one mindful vindication to a equal during the alteration exposure?