Professional Consulting In Information System

Project 3 different ideas including a brief description of your idea and project timeline.  The project timeline includes the processes involved in meeting the course objectives. 

Need to submit by 01/23/2020 (Thursday) 5 PM EST.

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Professional Consulting In Information System
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Eacj Idea must include brief including: 

1. Statement of problem

2. what solution

3. what technology in current future

4. objectives

5. results expected and finaincal benifit to company

I was thinking any automation using phone/website related to Senior Health care, assited living, 

senior facility management or payroll/billing.

Tentative Course Outline is below (this will help to provide timeline info)

Week 1 Welcome and Introductions – Completed

Week 2 Project Idea Submitted – Given questions 3 ideas and professor select one of them.

Week 10 Project Plan Submitted

Week 8 First Draft of Project Report

Week 14 Final Version of Project Report

Week 15 Final Presentations

————————————————–  Output ——————-

If one the idea is approved by professor then you given complete project worth 125 $ to complete following

1. Project plan and proposal developent indroduction, object why, how, whatdelierables and objectives, scope of project


2. Project implemenation (development/coding)


3. Project report  30 $

   executive summary/intro/statement of problem/objective/results and conclusion   

4. Presentation   25 $


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