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You are free and encouraged to refer to sources to support your view, including Scripture. However, you must write your Personal Code of Ethics in your own words. Do not just copy what you have read elsewhere. This is your code; make it your own. NOTE: Please do not quote or cite any sources in you PCE except scripture if you choose to do so (scripture is not required). Obviously your code of ethics is going to be influenced by what you have read in this course, but please do not cite it (and certainly do not plagiarize it by stating it word for word). You do not need to include any lengthy reasoning for your view unless you deem it necessary, since the code is simply a statement and brief explanation of the view you hold. However, a brief explanation of your reasoning might be necessary if your code reflects a position contrary to that promoted in class. 

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PCE – Preamble

The Preamble states the background beliefs and principles that are the basis for the ethical reasoning you will express as you discuss each issue. “A Christian Manifesto” is a good model of the kinds of information you must cover in your Preamble. Your Preamble must include the following:

1. The ethical theory you are using to evaluate issues and problems. This can be some form of consequentialism, deontology, or virtue ethics, or it can be a combination of theories. If it is a combination, prioritize them. Which theory is the dominant one, which is second, etc.

2. The basic, salient Christian beliefs that affect your ethical reasoning, including beliefs about God, Jesus, what is a human being, values, and obligations.

3. A statement about the value and limitations of medicine and medical care.

4. A statement about the nature, purpose, and treatment of suffering.


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