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The topic for my evidence-based practice project is the strategies that healthcare professionals can use to prevent the spread of clostridioides difficile in patient-care settings. Clostridioides difficile is a bacterium that has negative health implications on the health of individuals. This bacterium causes a health condition referred to as colitis, a serious colon inflammation (Asgary et al., 2021). It has become a serious concern in the United States of America, where it has been estimated to cause approximately half the amounts of infections in the United States of America every year. It is a life-threatening condition that can result in the date of individuals within one month. Studies have shown that one in every six patients who have been infected by this bacterial will get it again within a period of two to six weeks.

Read the article by Bohnenkamp et al. (2014): I

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Using an Interprofessional Team Approach

This article gives an excellent example of the effectiveness of an interprofessional team. Table 1 might give you ideas to help with constructing your discussion posting for M1L2. Figure 1 will help you develop an Action Plan for your final paper.

1. Identify a minimum of four people for your interprofessional team. Team members could be individuals within nursing (such as Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Manager, experienced staff nurse, Infection Control nurse, etc.) and other interprofessional individuals (Physician, Social Worker, Pharmacists, etc.). The interprofessional team should consists of individuals with interest, skills and expertise on the topic of the practice question.

2. Why did you select these individuals to be on your team? Be specific as to the required qualities, expertise, and skills you need to complete your capstone project.  What role would you expect each member of the interdisciplinary team to perform?

3. As the leader of this team, and one who has knowledge of group dynamics, what concepts of working in a group would be applicable to your team?  Identify 3 important concepts that relate to a highly effective team and discuss why they are important to your team.  How will you as the leader integrate these important concepts into your team?  


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