News Letter for P-K

Directions: Imagine you have just been given a teaching job at a school with 18 students in your class.  Three students are Hispanic, six are biracial, three are Americans with African descents and four are American with European or Anglo-Saxon descents and two are Pacific Islanders. You will be teaching reading, math and arts. You will create a newsletter for a selected grade of interest to you from Pre-K3 to first grade.  You should include the following:

  • A newsletter heading and a minimum of 4 sub headings: Class welcome, this week’ s objectives, skills, activities, subject focus and vocabulary words, additional consideration could including items need to do a project, help for home, and supplies/items needed for parents, etc.
  • A minimum of 5 clip art
  • Test tips for reading and mathematics
  • Upcoming school event(s), holidays, fundraisers
  • Something culturally diverse for students and families (this includes special needs as well as culture) and try this Look Who’s  Spotted during  Good Work

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News Letter for P-K
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