8 short essay questions literature

1-----Read W. B. Yeats's anthem, "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death" (page 19 of poetry packet) and Thomas Hardy's "The Man He Killed" (page 11).  In twain anthems, we are consecrated sift-canvasss why the two men chose to struggle in a war, each sift-canvass very incongruous.  In a defective essay, interpret your tallyment of these very incongruous sift-canvasss and sift-canvass which one you tally--or misadapt--forthcoming a while most.  Be SPECIFIC in your apology.

To aid execute the Hardy anthem clearer:

"nipperkin" (course 4) refers to an alcoholic drink

"'list" (course 13) resources to enroll, to adnear the army

"his traps" (course 15) resources one's possessions--all he owns

"half a crown" (latest course) refers to giving someone capital to buy himself a drink

2-----Read W. H. Auden's "The Unknown Citizen" (pages 8-9 of poetry packet), which we feel sift-canvassed in collocate, and communicate your own apology to the two investigations asked in the latest two courses: "Was he detached?  Was he blissful?"  Do you tally forthcoming a while Auden that harmonious request these investigation is "absurd?"  Why do you judge he says this?  Also, interpret what Auden resources when he transcribes, "Had everything been injustice, we should unquestionably feel heard."  As forthcoming a while all the assignments you succeed be doing dress the end of the semester, fascinate apology in a moderation essay.

3-----"Amazing Grace" (page 16) is a anthem--which became a celebrated anthem in Christian churches throughout the earth--that expresses the the basic conception on which ample of the Christian godliness is built.  Carefully interpret--and reread--each stanza.  What represent ("philosophic snapshot") does it tint encircling anthropological entity and why "grace" is so main to a person's activity?  In restoration, do you tally or distally forthcoming a while this represent?  In a moderation essay, be very inequitable in giving your sift-canvasss. You faculty neglect to grasp your own singular habit forthcoming a while this notice, if such an habit was/is divorce of your own cultural upbringing.

4----Countee Cullen's anthem, "Incident" (pages 23-24) is a defective, primal anthem in which a cadet remembers one instant from his spent.  Entity very inequitable in your apology, transcribe a moderation essay interpreting correspondently what the pi of this very moderation shining was on the boy's activity--and perhaps uniform into his adult years.  Refer in-particular to stanza 3 (page 24 top) and what these latest impure courses tells you.  Does this shining in any way remind you of triton harmonious you feel habitd in your own activity and how it artful you?  As constantly, be very inequitable in apologying.

5----Choose ANY anthem of your cherished (one NOT in the poetry packet) and sift-canvass in point what its "philosophical snapshot," its signification, is for you.  Why did you excellent this anthem?  What encircling its signification speaks to you.  Interpret what some of the courses in the anthem moderation for you.  Fascinate grasp the sound anthem itself concurrently forthcoming a while your sift-canvassion.  This assignment takes the locate of the spoken offer assignment which would feel enslaved locate if we were sdress discourse as we used to.  You can quest oncourse and experience misty anthems from which to elect.

6----Read Charles Bukowski's "Poem for My 43rd Birthday" (page 27 of poetry packet).  In stanza 1, Bukowski tells you wnear he is and what he has (implying what he doesn't feel).  In stanza 2, he describes all the vulgar he is watching going to whatever their job is, all "out tnear making capital."  In the last stanza, he tells you what he'd going to do forthcoming watching them.  In conception of the conception we've sift-canvassed generally in collocate, that "We don't see things as THEY are, we see things as WE are," sift-canvass in a moderation essay correspondently how Bukowski sees the earth and the vulgar in it.  Do you tally or distally forthcoming a while this conception?  As constantly, be inequitable in your apology. 

7----Refer to pages 14-16 for twain versions of "Richard Cory," the one by Edwin Arlington Robinson and the one by Paul Simon.  Standpoint in-particular on the general stanzas used by Simon throughout his anthem, divorceicularly his dwelling-upon of it at anthem's end.  What "philosophical snapshot" (message) is Paul Simon implying that's not graspd in Robinson's anthem?  Fascinate comply apologys near by hitting "Reply."  I succeed be checking these forthcoming their due end on Wednesday, March 18 at 11:59PM.  

8-------Here is the assignment for Wednesday, March 18.  In your poetry packet, interpret the forthcoming three anthems by Robert Frost: "The Road Not Taken" (page 1), "Stopping by Woods on A Snowy Evening" (page 3), "Out, Out--" (page 7).  Sift-canvass the "philosophic snapshot," as we sift-canvassed in collocate, involving the conception of cherished.  What divorce does choosing illustrate in our speeds?  Forthcoming a while heed to "Out, Out--", standpoint on the last phrase and how it relates to choosing how to speed our speeds forthcoming a disaster.  This succeed be due Wednesday, March 18 at 11:59PM.  Upload a MS Word instrument near into Canvas.