Lifespan Development Theory


select a Lifespan Development Theory that you can compare each stage to your own life.

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Lifespan Development Theory
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  1. Create      a word doc
  2. Select      ONE Lifespan Development Theory 
  3. Explain each stage of your selected theory. 
  4. List and compare each stage with your own life up to your present stage.       Then name and describe stages that you have not encountered yet.
  5. Include physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development from prenatal through the last stage of life.
  6. Define sexual orientation & gender identity based on Week 4’s Lesson      (Hint:  they are not synonymous concepts!). Describe how the development of gender identity occurs based on your selected theory and its impact on personality & sexuality.
  7. Add at least 4 pictures (illustrations/charts/graphics or videos) and include a caption for each to indicate which stage in which it would occur.
  8. Add at least 4 scholarly references in APA      format 


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