Walden NURS6512 Midterm Exam Latest/Walden NURS6512 Midterm Exam Latest


Question 1 

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Walden NURS6512 Midterm Exam Latest/Walden NURS6512 Midterm Exam Latest
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In counseling a client regarding nutrition education, you explain that linoleic acid, a major fatty acid, is thought to be essential for: 

a. glycogen storage in the liver.

b. normal growth and development.

c. myocardial cell function.

d. building and maintaining tissues.

Question 2 

The term denoting the caregiver’s need to do no harm to the patient is:

a. Deontologic imperative

b. Nonmaleficence

c. Beneficence

d. Autonomy

e. Utilitarianism

Question 3 

Before performing an abdominal examination, the examiner should: 

a. ascertain the patient’s HIV status.

b. have the patient empty his or her bladder.

c. don double gloves.

d. completely disrobe the patient.

Question 4 

Which part of the information contained in the patient’s record may be used in court?

a. Subjective information only

b. Objective information only

c. Diagnostic information only

d. All information

Question 5 

To perform the Rinne test, place the tuning fork on the:

a. top of the head.

b. mastoid bone.

c. forehead.

d. preauricular area.


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