I need informative speech and outline about air pollution

You will give a 3-4 minute informative speech using a full sentence outline that will be two pages in APA format, plus a reference page. Use two references for the speech.  As part of the speech, you must have a visual aid.  Make your outline and speech have a professional appearance.  Make sure it is appropriate for academic purposes.  Carefully select your topic.  Your grade will be comprised of your paper, citations, speech and visual aid. 

Make sure your paper is double spaced, in Times New Roman font and with 0 additional spacing after paragraphs. 

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I need informative speech and outline about air pollution
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I attached some examples of what I need 




Student’s Name



Specific Purpose Statement: Today, I am going to discuss the “Obesity” as a medical condition that results in excess body fats.


Obesity is a medical condition that results from excess body fats or weight. The increase in body weight causes obesity. Medical practitioner suggests that a person has obesity if the body mass index is high. A body mass index is a tool that health practitioners use to assess the appropriateness of the weight of an individual based on sex, age, and height. Notably, Brady (2016) stated that a mass body weight between 25 and 29.9 reveals that one is carrying excess weight. The author also says that a body mass of 30 or above suggests one is obese. A person having the condition of excess weight or obesity has high risks of developing health complications such as arthritis, metabolic syndrome, and some types of cancer.


Causes of obesity

something like that ,but add the connectors of the other essay

1. Consumption of too many calories. According to Stevens (2017), when a person gets an intake of more calories than what the body can use as energy, the body stores the excess as fats.

Foods that can lead to increased risk of obesity

· Fast foods

· Many dairy products

· Foods with added sugars

· Sweetened juices

· Fatty and processed meats


2. Leading a sedentary lifestyle. The modern society is leading a lifestyle that involves activities that do not require much exercise. The activities include;

· Playing computer games rather than doing physical activities.

· Working in the office most of the time rather than doing manual labor.

· Using cars for traveling instead of cycling or walking

3. Not sleeping enough. Brady (2016) stated that missing sleep increases the risk of developing obesity and an increase in weight. Deprivation of sleep may result in hormonal changes, which may result in increased appetite and, in the long run, cause obesity.


4. Endocrine disruptors. The increased use intake of liquid fructose alters lipid energy metabolism. The liquid fructose also results in increased metabolic syndrome and fatty liver. Foods that contain high levels of fructose include;

· Sodas and energy drinks

· Coffee creamer

· Condiment and sauces

· Ready-made baked goods such as bread

· Breakfast cereal

5. Medications and weight gain. Some medicine, either prescribed or not prescribed, can result in gaining weight. Such medicines include;

· Atypical antipsychotic

· Anticonvulsants and mood stabilizers

· Antidepressants

· Glucocorticoids

Waldman (2016), stated that some drugs result in weight loss. Any individual on medication and is concerned about weight gain should ask whether the drugs have side effects on weight.


Lastly, the obesity gene results in weight gain. According to Stevens (2017), fat-mass and obesity cause obesity. The author also indicated that the ghrelin hormone determines eating behavior. Additionally, the hormone determines growth and how the body accumulates fats.

To Conclude

Obesity is a health condition that can be managed. Many causes of obesity are factors that can be controlled as they are associated with lifestyle. The over-dependency on manufactured foods is also another factor in increasing the risk of obesity. Therefore, a healthy diet in which fresh food is in plenty is one way to reduce the risk. However, the individuals containing genetic preposition may find it harder to main their weight.


Brady, C. (2016). Decreasing Obesity and Obesity Stigma: Socio-Demographic Differences in Beliefs about Causes of and Responsibility for Obesity. Social Sciences, 5(1), 12. doi: 10.3390/socsci5010012

Stevens, J. (2017). Obesity as a Disease: Why Ignore the Numbers?. Obesity, 25(9), 1467-1467. doi: 10.1002/oby.21923

Waldman, R. (2016). Dermatologic Manifestations of Obesity: Part I Mechanical Causes. Journal Of Obesity And Weight-Loss Medication, 2(1). doi: 10.23937/2572-4010.1510010


21 June 20019


Global Warming

Specific Purpose Statement: Why do we suffer from global warming? This is a question I will address in this work.

Central Idea: Unless all industrialized nations make a real effort to improve their waste management, global warming will continue to happen.


Have you ever thought about how overpopulation affects our world? Over time, population on earth has been increasing. There were fewer than one billion humans living on earth 200 years ago. Today, according to UN (United Nation) calculations, there are over seven billion of us on Planet Earth. Obviously, if the population grows, our human activities will also expand. In one form or another, not only the land but also the environment can suffer important harm. The damaging consequences of over population can negatively impact species extinction, natural resources, and global warming.


I. What is global warming?

A. Air (instead of put the word alone put it like that but in the form of a complete sentence)

I. Gas Emission of vehicles

II. Industries

III. Factories

B. Seas

I. Glacier are melting

II. Sea levels are rising

C. Pollution

I. Soil contamination

II. Radioactive contamination

III. Littering


II. Who and What it affects?

Natural resources

I. Natural vegetation

II. Water

III. Human beings

Impact on species

II. Animal extinction


III. Methods for reduction.

Reduce water waste

I. Take shorter showers

II. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

III. Switch to water sense-labeled fixtures

B. Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle

I. Gas-smart car

II. Hybrids car

III. Fully electric vehicles

C. Reduce our personal carbon emissions

I. Renewable energy

II. Less dependent on coal and other fossil fuels

III. Reduce U.S oil use

To Conclude

Overpopulation harms the environment by causing the extinction of several animal species, depleting resources, and accelerating global warming. In effect, overpopulation is not only affecting our planet now but also resulting in serious consequences for the future. According to Paul Ehrlich, a famous population analyst, “If there is not a massive reduction of humans and redistribution of natural resources soon, hundreds of thousands of people will die in the future from the lack of these resources in a die-off” (2012)


Bulkeley, H., & Newell, P. (2015). Governing climate change. Routledge.

Cloern, J. E., Abreu, P. C., Carstensen, J., Chauvaud, L., Elmgren, R., Grall, J., … & Xu, J.

(2016). Human activities and climate variability drive fast‐paced change across the world’s estuarine–coastal ecosystems. Global Change Biology, 22(2), 513-529.

Klotzbach, P., Schreck, J., Collins, M., Bell, M., Blake, S., Roache, D., (August 15, 2018) doi: 10.1175/MWR-D-18-0078.1

Samet, M., & Woodward, J., Climate change, Hurricanes, and Health (October 16,2017) 2doi:10.2105/AJPH.2017.304197

Urry, J. (2015). Climate change and society. In Why the social sciences matter (pp. 45-

59). Palgrave Macmillan, London.


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