HNPCC (Colon Cancer)

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 This paper is to be written in the AMA Format, with a rough draft of the paper being due on April 26. I have attached my current list of sources, as well as my current outline for the paper (the annotations written in the margins of the outline were written by the professor). My professor listed no specific page number or word count. I will be willing to pay extra if additional pages need to be added after I get feedback on the rough draft. The current list of sources can be adjusted as needed, (as the professor wrote in my submitted sources list, more sources focused on epidemiology and standard treatment regimens/immunotherapies are needed). 

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HNPCC (Colon Cancer)
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Cancer Biology Research Paper Rubric

Meeting required deadlines:

Submission of sources 5 points

Submission of outline 10 points

Paper content:

Adequate coverage of required information

1) Epidemiology 20 points

2) Common Mutations 20 points

(explanation of mutation and how it leads to transformation)

(minimum of 3 excluding Ras, Myc, p53, and Rb)

3) Treatment (explanation of mechanisms of action) 20 points

a. Most common standard chemotherapy regimen

b. Molecular-targeted/Biologic/Immunotherapies

(minimum of 3 different)

4) Works cited/following AMA format 10 points

Paper’s readability:

Sentence structure, grammar, etc. 15 points

Possible Journals to Search for Information:

Nature Reviews Cancer Trends in Cancer

Nature Reviews Genetics Trends in Genetics

Nature Reviews Immunology Trends in Immunology

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology Trends in Molecular Medicine

Nature Reviews Molecular


Biology Trends in Pharmacological Sciences

Nature Genetics Science

Nature Immunology Journal of Immunology

Nature Medicine Science Translational Medicine

Journal of Experimental Medicine Science Immunology


Journal of Clinical Investigation



Cancer Cell

Cell Reports Medicine

Hunter Payne

HNPCC Paper Outline

1) Epidemiology

a. Distribution by controllable factors such as obesity and carcinogen exposure

b. Distribution by uncontrollable factors such as sex, race and age

2) Common mutations

a. MSH2/EPCAM mutation (HNPCC1, approximately 60% of cases)

b. MLH1 mutation (HNPCC2, approximately 30% of cases)

c. MSH6 mutation (HNPCC5, approximately 8% of cases)

d. PMS2 mutation (HNPCC4, less than 2% of cases)

3) Treatment

a. General chemotherapy (FOLFOX and CapeOx)

b. Immunotherapies

i. Keytruda and Opdivo (PD-1 blockers)

ii. Yervoy (CTLA-5 inhibitor)

c. Biologics

i. Cyramza (Anti-angiogenic)

ii. Vectibix (Muti-kinase inhibitor)

4) References

Diana Flanagan
You can choose one combination regimen and explain how each agent works

Diana Flanagan
The immunotherapy and biologics section looks fine. Just be sure to clearly explain how each works to kill cancer cells.

Diana Flanagan
be sure to explain how each lead to tumor development or progression

Hunter Payne 1


1. Cancer of the colon and rectum – cancer stat facts. Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End

Results Program . Accessed February 23,


2. Genetics of Colorectal Cancer (PDQ®)–Health Professional Version. National Cancer

Institute. Accessed

February 23, 2021.

3. Ye B, Stary CM, Gao Q, et al. Genetically Modified T-Cell-Based Adoptive Immunotherapy

in Hematological Malignancies. Journal of Immunology Research. 2017;2017:1-13.


4. About Colon Cancer.

Cancer. Accessed February 24, 2021.

5. Medical Options. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Published

September 13, 2018. Accessed February 24, 2021.

6. Colon Cancer Treatment, by Stage: How to Treat Colon Cancer. American Cancer Society.

Published June 29, 2020. Accessed February 25, 2021.

7. Biller LH, Syngal S, Yurgelun MB. Recent advances in Lynch syndrome. Familial Cancer.

2019;18(2):211-219. doi:10.1007/s10689-018-00117-1

8. Boland PM, Yurgelun MB, Boland CR. Recent progress in Lynch syndrome and other

familial colorectal cancer syndromes. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. 2018;68(3):217-

231. doi:10.3322/caac.21448

Hunter Payne 2

9. Pathak SJ, Mueller JL, Okamoto K, et al. EPCAMmutation update: Variants associated with

congenital tufting enteropathy and Lynch syndrome. Human Mutation. 2018;40(2):142-161.


10. Burn J, Sheth H, Elliott F, et al. Cancer prevention with aspirin in hereditary colorectal

cancer (Lynch syndrome), 10-year follow-up and registry-based 20-year data in the CAPP2

study: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial. The Lancet.

2020;395(10240):1855-1863. doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(20)30366-4

Diana Flanagan
You are headed in the right direction and will need to find more references to cover all the categories. For epidemiology, the SEER website is helpful. Search for the standard chemotherapy regimen, molecular/targeted/biologic/immuno therapies.


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