Hey there is only 8 and a half pages for the research and I was looking for 9 and a half to 10. Can you add in some quotations, like what the source said in parenthesis? and add just one more source? Also for the reflective, can you add quotations from th

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Hey there is only 8 and a half pages for the research and I was looking for 9 and a half to 10. Can you add in some quotations, like what the source said in parenthesis? and add just one more source? Also for the reflective, can you add quotations from the research? for example which part of the research paper was talked about in the reflective, where the controlling purpose is located, quote it or where some of the writing skills were found in the research paper. thank you. Can you fix it by 12 pm today?

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Hey there is only 8 and a half pages for the research and I was looking for 9 and a half to 10. Can you add in some quotations, like what the source said in parenthesis? and add just one more source? Also for the reflective, can you add quotations from th
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Tariq Alzahrani

Assignment 12

Immigrants in the US

Problems with the National policy of Skilled Immigration in the US

The need for extensive immigration reforms within the US have become mandatory since the existing national immigration system is completed destroyed, it is undermining the core national values and jeopardizing our economy and security. Introducing proper reform will also help in dealing with various existing issues regarding health. The congress is currently witnessing sky high expenses due to ineffective policies that have resulted in the wastage of billions of dollars, increased the crime rates, disrupted families and disturbed the whole national economy all because of our failed policies.

Green Card problems for high skilled immigrant to the US

Legal immigration into the country takes time, in order to authenticate the request many details need to be looked into. However this is a huge drawback in terms of high skilled labor, according to the National foundation for American policy the wait time for skilled labor is around 5 to 8 years, which can lead to the immigrant to cancel the whole process which will be a huge loss to the country. The long wait for skilled labor and foreign students is a huge issue. Most of the skilled labor will make their careers in the United States and ultimately improve the economy.

Unauthorized Aliens

A huge issue with the immigration system of America is the entrance of unauthorized people without proper documentation or with forged documents, according to the census bureau a total amount of 7 million aliens are residing within the country measures need to be taken to conduct proper documentation so that the aliens can also pay regular taxes. The increase in unlawful immigration is a security threat and shows a huge flaw of our system. Immigration is becoming a growing reason for increase of terrorism within the country (Kane, 2006)

Immigration polices implemented by George W. Bush

In 2006 former president George Bush laid out a five part plan in order to reform the immigration system

· Major investment in border security to protect the country from unlawful entries. Increasing the border patrol and temporarily deploying 6000 national troop guards.

· A tamper proof identification card for all temporary workers

· Creating more strict rules for immigration enforcement at business level; in order to help reduce exploitation of illegal workers within the country

· Skilled immigrants will be required to learn English for assimilation

· A program for mass deportation of illegal immigrants (www.ontheissue.org).

Bush ended the catch and release policy, which was a practice in which other immigrants were picked and released until their deportation, most of them flee and never showed up. Bush expanded these facilities and held the illegal’s until their time of deportation, by 200 the process took a hundred days which was reduced to 20 by the time Bush left office. Bush also secured the borders by deploying fences and advanced technological mechanisms.

Bush started an immigration policy that permits temporary workers; most of whom are high skilled workers that posses’ skills that are not present within the country and which will increase the economic growth however Bush denies amnesty since he believed there are already too many people waiting for citizenship why increase the crowd. Illegal immigrants who were employed and the employer presented proof that the immigrant has a skill or knowledge necessary for their business were given a time limited worker card, the card would have a time limit and once expired the government would know who needs to go.

Bush didn’t believe in amnesty though he supported the temporary worker program. Bush also proposed an ambitious plan that allowed undocumented aliens to maintain their jobs for a period of 6 to 8 years which would ultimately lead them to the path of attaining citizenship. Bush supported lifting the limit on H 1B visas, which he believed was a solution to deal with the shortage of high tech workers.

Contrast between Bush administration and Obama administration in terms on immigration

According to Obama his administration has started various measures in order to amend the broken immigration system by June 2012 the department of Homeland security established a new process that focused on removing the individuals who appeared as a threat to the national security and out the public to risk (Khimm, 2012). Businesses that illegally acquire high skilled employees will be accountable, they need to follow the rules and have all employees verified.

The biggest change Obama administration brought was the announcement that children of illegal immigrants will be given a chance to remain within the country and pursue their education and work within the United States (Kelly, 2009). Obama emphasized that these immigrants even though they have proper education are working in low skill jobs, the permit Obama brought allowed these same immigrants to apply for better paying jobs This reform was called the Dream act, the most serious issue people had with it was that even high school dropout were being retained within the country as potential high skill workers. However Obama also failed to increase the H-1B capacity and any foreign students who are educated within the US are sent back home. Obama has made no effort to increase the H-1B capacity instead he plans on limiting the number of people who receive these visas. Obama has also deported approximately 1 million illegal immigrants within two years (Serwer, 2012)

Future suggestions for policy makers of 2013

There are many aspects of H-1B that need to be understood by the government so that proper reforms are introduced within the immigration policies for high skilled workers. Many people believe hiring foreign workers is reducing the job opportunities for the Americans. They need to understand the fundamental purpose behind the H-1B visa is to hire a worker with expertise and skills currently unavailable within the country. H-1B workers train American’s and that creates jobs for others citizens but in order to prosper there is a need for these high skilled workers within the country.

America is the country of innovations and in order for America to continue innovating a proper immigration policy needs to be introduced that enable foreign experts to come within the country start their businesses and train Americans. For this purpose America should focus on attracting more high skilled labor within the country. Another huge issue with the immigration process that hasn’t been addressed by any of the previous administrations is the time and lengthy process involved in giving temporary work visas. The process should be short and less time consuming so the country can develop further. Many corporations complain the unavailability of skilled workforce. Every masters and higher graduate with a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from US universities should be exempted from the H1B quota, so that more skilled workers can enter the country. A separate visa category should be introduced for entrepreneurs who have completed their education from the US.

Visa program for entrepreneurs need to be updated the term needs to be increased. Guest worker programs should be properly implemented and promoted since they help in developing the US industries. Arbitrary restrictions on country by country caps on visa provision should be eliminated. a special immigration category for graduates from the US should be started. Exempt families from the employment based green card quota in order to increase the capacity of skilled workers. The duration of H-1b capacity should be increased. 1 high skilled immigrant results in an increase of job opportunities.

The current situation in which a student attains an advanced degree from the US has to return to their own country is a loss; they should be offered jobs within the US. The overall capacity of H-1B visas needs to be increased from 65,000. Offer scholarships to foreign students enrolled in US institutes in STEM fields, provided they will work in the US for a period of 5 years. Admitting high skilled workers who are suited for a certain work demand will help the government hold down costs for welfare, medical care and social services. Allowing temporary workforce and to the labor force will help small industries to remain operational within the US while competing within the global market (Mofet, n.d).


The United States is one of the most progressed country in the world, in order to maintain this status Americans need to stay ahead of others in every aspect academically and within the workforce. For this purpose the new administration must adopt immigration measure that the previous governments have over looked. Proper reforms that have been promised repeatedly regarding the immigration policies need to be made. The overall capacity of immigrants should be increased and people should be explained about the requirement of high skilled labor unavailable within the country. Lastly the suggested reforms if properly executed can prove to be beneficial not just for the worker but for the overall economy and it will also increase the availability of new jobs.

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Tariq Alzahrani

Assignment 13


Immigration to developed countries is an old concept now. Many people from developing and under-developed countries are carrying out mass immigration to developed nations as United Kingdom and United states in search of better economic and employment opportunities (Simon, 7). Immigration has a number of social and cultural impacts on an economy; while greatly it sis considered to be a very influential factor in evaluating the health of economy of a developed country (Nicholas, 32). Legal immigrants specially skilled immigrant face several problems such as Green Card problems for high skilled immigrant to the US, the disadvantages caused by illegal immigrants has to faced by legal skilled immigrant. I have developed a paper on U.S immigration system and policy recommendations to policy makers. In this part of the paper I am going to reflect on how the paper was written and what the learning from the paper I wrote was. This reflective essay is based on my writing experiences and the enhancement of skills in writing the paper. Also it is related to the identification, development and achievement of my learning goals during the period. In this reflective account, I will identify elements that were most relevant to my learning as well as emphasize on my achievements and discuss how it helped to improve my skills.

Immigration is a difficult topic, with different arguments lending its way to varying perspectives as far as its economic benefits are concerned. Although, there exists many harsh realities, still the economists and analysts in U.S believe, to a larger extent, that immigration results into great many economic benefits that stabilizes the struggling economy and increase its immunity against fiscal pressures. However, U.S States is not able to properly take care of the needs of the skilled immigrants. This is why, I felt the need for extensive immigration reforms within the US have become mandatory since the existing national immigration system is completed destroyed, it is undermining the core national values and jeopardizing our economy and security. This is the controlling purpose in my Research Essay. Initially, when I was constructing the structure and outline of this Essay, I had different thoughts in my mind but eventually when I started to research the data I was able to know more about the topic and I was able to focus on the main issue. After analyzing the main issue, I looked what should be done to deal with the problem, and eventually again after searching and readers good material I was able to constructed controlling purpose of this Essay.

Initially I faced problems while accessing the information of the topic and studying the effects of immigration on the economy of U.S. But these challenges and problems enhanced my capability to manage and searching skills. It also helped me in thinking in a diversified manner. Thus, the challenges and problems turned out to be beneficial for my personal development. Having to explain an idea in written words concisely and clearly in a manner that a reader could understand and follow my thoughts has always been a struggle for me. I have never been that good when it came to my writing skills and capabilities; it was not even good to look at my writing. This essay has brought me up to a level higher than I thought it could have.

I made the design of this structure in this way because this is the simplest design that a reader can understand, I in the start of the essay has stated the purpose of the research, after that the problems related to the issue are identified and defined. After this I have given relevant background about the existing and previously stated policies so that readers could make a connection between the problem faced today and what government and policy makers has been doing since then. After related the essay issue with previous policies and research I have identified similarities between previous and current policy. In the end of the paper I have given recommendations that should be followed to have a proper and effective system. The essay also contain concluding remarks which has given the essay a clear and proper ending, in this way I feel I have increased the clarity about the topic for the readers.

I utilize examples in writing and use of good reliable sources. I made a plan for collecting data on the subject: see where the data is and how to get them (books, interviews, using technology or not, in order to locate the data and the ability to capture). I have taken all the relevant data from past research, the research is entirely based on secondary data. I have taken all recent resources, I have taken published articles, those resources were eliminated that were not authentic, resources of social sites or blogs are not included and eliminated from the essay. When the topic is not of my preference and more information is needed on it, I used to search it on Google, type the words I was looking for and get anything that came out in results. Most of the times I used information obtained from .com websites and when I attempted to present it in my writing, I did not have anything to support it. Now I have adopted a new way of searching which includes searching databases for information. The sources are reliable when searching in a database and are useful in writing as well. In making my writing more effective, I used to insert examples considering less if they can suit or not. By taking the responsibility of this essay, I learned that it is only supportive to use examples if they prove the point I m trying to contend.

With the help of this essay I have developed by research and writing skills. The biggest improvement which I have noticed throughout this time is the capability to write a strong argumentative essay with an appealing catch to it, with a good purpose of the essay. When I was assigned with the first assignment I just did not know from where to start. I felt there are too many topics to pick from that I have come across all through my life and it was difficult to specify the choices I felt like I was able to write on. I was not sure about the topic that I selected would be strong enough to write a controlling purpose statement, and to proceed that into an essay worth writing for the class. Though, my lecturer told me that answering all the ideas is not necessary. Then I realized that I need to select a particular audience whom I could answer to. This helped me in developing my ideas through the contention which I decided upon.

In writing, other strengths include my capability to arrange ideas and link with the reader. I try to connect the reader with the topic while writing an essay. To do this, I ask queries in my essay. For instance, when writing one of my essays, after giving them examples, I asked them a query “some people says that it can only happen once and it can never happen again or can it?” when a question is asked from the reader, they take time to respond to it. After responding, they are keen to hear my opinion so till the end of an essay they become more involved in reading. I have many thoughts in my mind while writing an essay, if I include every thought in the essay that came to my mind it would be like a stack of random words. I arrange my writing by making an outline to ensure that does not happen. An outline helps me in arranging my thoughts and concentrating on one section of the essay at once. The phased learning helps in letting the student understand each concept in detail. I was able to complete my tasks within allotted time and completed necessary tasks, which were essential to the completion of assignment within allotted time.

In conclusion, I can say that I began this essay with limited skills of professional writing but after completing and taking all the lessons throughout the course now I am confident for any future writing attempt I might face whether in studies or in my career. This essay has helped me a lot in becoming a genuine writer.

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