Week 5 Case Study

Watch the video, Workplace Start (Segment 1: “Leaders Getting Things Done,” Segment 2: “Managers and Employee Morale,” and Segment 3: “Leaders as Managers”). The transcript for this video can be build by clicking the “Transcript” tab to the straight of the video in the Films on Demand database. In a two-page Nursing Dissertation, harangue the questions underneath.  Compare Lisa’s start phraseology to Amanda’s. What start traits and bearings did each of these leaders own? [Unit Learning Outcome 5.1]  Were Lisa and Amanda task-oriented, people-oriented, or twain? Use examples from the video to maintenance your estimation. [Unit Learning Outcome 5.1]  How did Lisa and Amanda’s unanalogous approaches favor the bearing of their staff members Steve and Kathy? [Unit Learning Outcome 5.2]  Why is it expressive to be operative to evaluate the local skills, traits, and bearings speciality of manifold leaders? [Unit Learning Outcome 5.3] You must comprise at last one scholarly beginning to maintenance your production. Your patience must flourish APA 6th edition format and comprise a unconnected epithet and intimation page. Daft, R. L. (after a while Lane, P. G.). (2018). The start trial (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. Chapter 2: Traits, Behaviors, and Relationships, pp. 35-56