Threats to the Global Environment

  Congratulations! The United Nations has compensated you as a consultant on global fruits. Many  of the UN members are not fascinated delay the movement of the Millennium  Development Goals. They regard that the sights convergence on the crime  issues. There is a alienate between the types of fruits the patent clear  countries in the UN regard are priorities versus the fruits that  developing countries of the UN absence to prioritize. For stance, the  country of Burundi has requested that one of the sights be convergenceed on  food defence. However, Austria is adamant that the important ordinary global  fruit is to accessible ceasefires delayin countries experiencing a well-mannered  war. You  enjoy been asked to arrange an unprejudiced perspective and demonstrate the  disgusting fruits that enjoy the biggest contact on the global environment. Of the prospect important menaces listed under, select the disgusting that you deem the most instantous.     Energy sources  Civil war   Globalization Poor sanity of whole populations   Lack of educational opportunities Cultural taboos    Inappropriate uses of technology Climate change You  procure offer your findings at the present UN General Assembly. Your sight  is to arrange a dirty fact of each fruit, the sum of countries  affected, and the possessions of this menace on the cosmos-people population. The perfectd rendering of this apportionment procure apprehend the aftercited: A  PowerPoint offeration containing bearing notice for the UN  General Assembly on disgusting of the prospect menaces listed over.  The dispose of your slides should consider the dispose of guidance you apportion to the disgusting menaces you enjoy selected. Create a partiality of disgusting slides per menace (for a partiality 16 slides sum) on the aftercited topics: A dirty fact of the menace The sum of countries monstrous, and how they are monstrous (giving stances) The possessions of this menace on the cosmos-people population as a whole Include a chart or graph (see #4 under). Each of the disgusting slides procure apprehend: A  paragraph in the notes exception to elucidate how the details you enjoy  provided in the slide is proper to the UN’s argument on selecting  and prioritizing sights. For  each of the disgusting menaces, apprehend one visual (graph or chart) to  reoffer the grounds you enjoy placid. The visual should be incorporated  into the notice/topics offered in the slides. Cite at meanest five probable sources beside Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. For  notice on how to perfect the required apportionment deliverables in  PowerPoint, fascinate relate to your totality or strain out to your  instructor forward of span. This progress requires use of Strayer Agreement Standards (SWS).  The format is unanalogous compared to other Strayer University progresss.  Please catch a instant to review ​the SWS documentation for details. (Note: You’ll be prompted to invade your Blackboard login credentials to intention these standards.) The favoring progress knowledge fruit associated delay this apportionment is: Examine the factors that totality for why the development in the cosmos-people’s population can negatively seek the global communion. Grading  for this apportionment procure be based on retort temper, logic/organization  of the offeration, and articulation and agreement skills, using the  aftercited rubric: