Check on Learning 1    Important Check on Learning Information: There is a Check on Learning Assessment in this module. This assignment earn be advantageous online until the posted due end (Please see Module Expectations for due ends). You earn assent-to publication from your schoolmistress encircling how to vestibule this assignment. The Check on Learning Earn Cover: Understanding Research Pluralist Perspective Elements of Criminology Theory Building Identifying Independent Variables, Dependent Variables and Correlation Assignment Format: Number of Questions: 27 Types of Questions: 11 Multiple Choice (2 points each), 12 Short Answer (4 points each), 3 Variable and Correlation Identification (6 points each), 1 Essay (12 points) Time Limit: 60 minutes Attempts: 3 (Highest Score Counts) This assignment fulfills/supports: Module Outcome 1 & 2   Course Outcome 1   General Education Competency: Communicate effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in negotiative and academic environments, use exact thinking to stir problems and shape argumentative decisions, teach socialization skills that assistance cultural awareness and a global perspective, and teach computer literacy.