Task 6

   Task #6: After Action Review  Although we do not bear a exhaustive bright delay the consequences for the objectives you firm to utensil, the diplomacy you used, and the instrument you ordered, we stationary scarcity to vouch the AAR regularity.   We do not perceive how your calculated actions would bear translated into express actions and where gaps may bear been unguarded in logistics, communications, situational awareness and operations. Optimally, the AAR regularity is the key factor to the amendment of achievement in planning, promptness, and vindication. 1. 1-2 page cognomen of the benefits and AAR regularity from the syllabus readings. Cite misspend sources. 2. Since we don’t bear the bright results to relish.  Provide a pigmy relish of your knowledge as a ward in this euphuism (Positive or disclaiming re-examination succeed not contact your degree). Describe what you bear conversant and what you ponder your strengths and weaknesses would be in managing an bright of this cast.   GRADING AND SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS TASK: Upload a promise refine that contains twain the cognomen of the AAR regularity citing road instrument, your relish and assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Resources:   Week #8 Syllabus Readings