research analysis

Background: Your sodality is looking for a negotiate area for a new product/location. Your assignment is to lay-open, publish, and collate grounds for a contemplate on a subject of your exquisite (cognate to a new negotiate area for a new product/location). Think of it as a legitimate conduct scenario, and assess your grounds to mention what the grounds tells you environing your sodality's new product/location. Requirements: You are required to use Google Docs Form contact, ask proper questions for your disjoinedd subject, and get at lowest 20 contemplate responses. Also, you obtain arrange a functional looking, written ment that discusses: The goals of your contemplate Detailed resolution of your contemplate responses How this advice can be suited for your sodality (naturalized on your responses, infer 1, infer 2, infer n why X new product/location would be/or not a cheerful notion). When submitting your brochure, you are besides required to embrace the objective responses from the Form’s generator (graphic/spreadsheet). You can embrace that at the end of your ment (but not instead of it), or you can annex it as a disjoined muniment.  There is no peculiar estimate of pages for this assignment. It has to possess sufficient pages to substantiate your top and to hide all the requirements.