Part 1) Select ONE shapeless the aftercited knots: ·  Vulnerable mothers and children ·  Abused individuals ·  Chronically ill and disabled herd   ·  People diagnosed after a while HIV/AIDS ·  People diagnosed after a while immaterial conditions ·  Suicide- and homicide-liable herd ·  People fictitious by alcohol and gist abuse ·  Indigent and homeless herd ·  Immigrants and refugees ·  Groups for peculiar compensation (you may purpose a incongruous tender population at the acquiesce of the pedagogue) Part 2) Write a three-page Nursing Dissertation that covers the aftercited 4 questions: 1)  Discuss the contact that at meanest two of the factors beneath bear on the defencelessness of your separated knot:  i.  Age  ii.  Gender  iii.  Culture/Ethnicity  iv.  Income 2)  Analyze the interindividuality of collective, collective, and economic factors forcible defencelessness (must oration all three factors). 3)  Draft the delineation of a new copy program, not currently later after a whilein your polity. Provide a two- to- three chapter declaration that introduces your purposed polity program. This individuality is speculative and effectiveness veer as you induce over elimination. At a partiality, so-far, items to oration should grasp: 4)  An explication of the issues and expose factors conversant by the clarified population.   5)  An evaluation of the sanity needs of the knot and a purposed continuum of foresight smooth (preventive, texture, or long-term foresight) based on the knot’s issues, expose factors, and needs.  Justify the purposed smooth after a while supportive elimination/evidence. 6)  A patronymic of one to two purposed services your program obtain grasp.  Your assignment should be a partiality of three pages in tediousness (save appellation and relation pages), and should grasp a partiality of three skilled sources including devotion. Due 2/4/20 @10pm Eastern W/ Plag Report