Organization Theory

   Choose a peculiar industry/ bargain in a peculiar composition (calculate of employees, bargain cycle...) and pur-pose your intellectual structure (vision/ mission/ crew refinement or philosophy/ stance / structureal pur-pose or chart / entice a corporeal boundlessness / processes using the theories read (you may put footnote) 5 pages not including screen page attach and bibliography - you may transcribe handwriting to entice the charts and corporeal boundlessness The rate is indeed encircling your intellectual, level if you intellectual you want to likeness that you've read star. Mention or apply the theories/ concepts / parents in footnotes in applyences at the end of the tract. You may use concepts and parents seen in the slides but to-boot tracts you had to ad. One set-on-foot would probably to use Mintzberg methodology It could your romance crew or a crew that could function · In the taking - you should recount the environment of your structure · what skin of industry/ bargain · geographical/online, · colony or not (online) · your main customers · and perchance chat encircling how dynamic is your bargain. · Bargain cycles: launching / enlargement / ripeness / discard... where is your structure? make firm you product on a exhaust and use some schemes or inclination mapping and likeness it to others What I accomplish assess here 1. 1/ the use of the order concepts (your experience encircling the order 2. 2/ the logic, the congruity of your structure Even if you're insane in your structure you want to be harmonious in this aberration. for stance, you can't entertain a lifeless structure after a while a lot of hierarchy. It is not an English essay; it is past a memo after a while bullet points and visuals.  Some parent to continue on the product-paper: - lover of truth Simon - Bentham - Fourier - Godin - Fayol  - Mary Parker Foller - Max Weber 1864 – 1920 - Karl Edward Weick - David Courpasson - Frederick Taylor 1856 – 1915 - Douglas McGregor 1906 - 1964 - Theory X and Theory Y - Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead, and Sydney Finkelstein.