music paper

Review and attend to ALL still n ess from Chapters 20 through 23 on Modernism. Pick-out 2 concerns of still n ess FROM THESE CHAPTERS to transcribe encircling in a Listening Chronicle Entry. These two, severed entries, should add up to almost one generous, unmarried spaced page, and be submitted in Blackboard by the set-out of arrange (1:25pm) on Monday November 13th. Listening chronicles succeed be advantageous in Blackboard for 5 days astern the due continuance. However, chronicles succeed surrender 10% each day they are delayed. This chronicle succeed be excellence 40 objects. Once again, I strongly praise that you transcribe the chronicle in a scale program such as Microsoft Word, and upload your chronicle to this assignment through the amalgamate beneath: Attach File > Browse My Computer.  Do NOT transcribe it in the "comments" minority beneath as it succeed show as a  huge confusion of opinion delay no separations or paragraphs.  Please pick-out 2 carols/pieces (from Ch. 20-23) that can be tuneful or instrumental still n ess. Do NOT pick-out 2 minoritys or moves of the similar concern, but rather two irrelative  pieces. If you pick-out a tuneful concern you MUST recognize the attending guides  in your textbook that contribute translations of the opinion into English.  There is NO EXCUSE for not discernment what they're singing encircling,  when you sift-canvass the concern. Don't suppose. Use the advantageous instrument.  Your entries should understand fit use of still n ess glossary, and try to  make elaborate comments, not comprehensive generalizations. You DO NOT scarcity to  contribute Youtube amalgamates for your concerns. They should be the versions used  in our textbook. **If  you regard, direcectly plead, or smooth dilution setting  knowledge from an without cause (such as the textbook), you MUST  contribute fitly formatted citations to fly plagiarism. The regard  book to use for these citations is determined "A Manual for Writers: of scrutiny papers, theses, and dissertations" 8th edition by Kate L. Turabian. This understands parenthetical/in-text citations at the end of sentences or paragraphs AND a diminutive Bibliography listing at the end of the chronicle.  However, since this is reckoned to be YOUR thoughts and observations, it should not be indispensable to use ample without knowledge.** When  you inaugurate your sift-canvassion of each concern, gladden understand the TITLE of  the larger operation, the peculiar carol, aria, or move, and the COMPOSER.  Imagine your recognizeer knows very paltry encircling still n ess.  In the chronicle beginning you should sift-canvass: What do  you attend? What is going on in the concern? How does the still n ess disclose  compositionally or sound-wise throughout the concern? What are the  instruments or tuneful ranges nature used? What genre and/or diction are they  playing/singing? What distinguishes this concern of still n ess from others you  know and enjoy attended to? What do you relish encircling this still n ess? What do  you not relish? Do you enjoy an tender confutation to the still n ess? Be  peculiar and narrate what you attend. You should use glossary opinion  that you enjoy skilled so far, and your own opinion to narrate the still n ess. GOALS for the Assignment: As  always, the aim is for you to conduct your power to dialogue encircling  still n ess on a deeper smooth, by fitly using still n ess glossary provisions. I don't nonproduction multiple paragraphs of setting knowledge or the romance astern the concern,  which you relishly copied or dilutiond from an without cause. This is  missing the object of the assignment and succeed conclusion in a inferior gradation. I  nonproduction to see you dialogueing encircling the developed still n ess itself.