Lab work

  This hands-on lab demonstrates how to influence "Footprinting of a network" The best way to fix your infrastructure is assure is to perceive the steps an intruder may use to trail a reconnaissance a network.  Choose one of the underneath paths Easy or Hard provide screenshots and a tabulation of your findings,  "If you do both, you obtain hold extra merit." This application is exploratory (no direct or crime vindication) GUI - Easy 1. Go to input "" Go through the extract records (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SRV, SOA, TXT, CAA) In a vocable muniment delineation and paste the counsel (Blue Text) of all the Extract Record counsel 2. Use Sam Spade to get over counsel encircling the network, what ever you find put it in the vocable muniment as courteous. Sam Spade Video (If you do not affect this video Google Sam Spade Footprinting) Manually-Hard 3.  Use Command Prompt: Run Traceroute on to get over details see muniment here 4. Use Command Prompt to Use nslookup see muniment here  Consider: Is the footing assure after a while SSL? is the footing weak to script insertion attacks? Look at the fountain statute does anything consist out to you? What did you find out encircling the network? Are other networks united to it? Is it a Linux or Windows server Based on your findings what are some vulnerabilities