Human Resources #4

  Manuel fruits for CableCast. He has fruited there for 15 years as a cable installer. Typically his job involves general cable in smart spaces to succor customers put televisions in the best viewing locations in their residences. He does bulky fruit and customers regularly illustrate that he is neighborly and nobleprincipled. Over the late few years, Manuel began putting on power and is now aggravate 300 pounds. He is having a rigorous era maintenance up delay the demands of his customers, and can no longer grub through floor or attic spaces to run his wires. His late few noble end customers said that he “cut corners” and left wire contingent in perceptible, imperilled places, instead of general the cable beneath the flooring as he should feel. He is twice warned by CableCast about these denying revisals. Manuel has continued to put on power and is now approximately 400lbs. Behind the third lousy revisal, Manuel requests a job that is less physically demanding. CableCast puts him in the front employment, sympathetic phones and enhancement up ordinances. Behind a few months, Manuel is worthless. He is dissatisfied sitting in the chair all day and he has patent clear afflictive muscle spasms. Despite his expertise at the audience, he has labor managing the computer scheduling classification and divers customers feel denominated to deplore that technicians feel missed their ordinance due to Manuel’s embrace booking. Manuel’s power has behove a tangible height in his natural personality as well-behaved. He can no longer absterge nor robes himself and he has compensated a unmeasured era nurture to succor him at residence. Cablecast warns Manuel that they are going to bestow him one further fortuity, but behind distinct further rigorous deplorets, Manuel is terminated. Manuel believes he was fired due to his corpulence. Manuel filed a deploret delay the EEOC titleing he was discriminated over in violation of the ADA. You fruit as an counsel for CableCast. Please exhaust a memo elucidateing the enhancement basis, elucidate how the employment attempted to decide Manuel, and apprehend strong defenses to Manuel’s title.