Human Resources #4

  Manuel efforts for CableCast. He has efforted there for 15 years as a cable installer. Typically his job involves ordinary cable in stretched spaces to aid customers put televisions in the best viewing locations in their settlements. He does majestic effort and customers frequently observe that he is affectionate and equitable. Over the spent few years, Manuel began putting on consequence and is now aggravate 300 pounds. He is having a hardenedened age maintenance up following a while the demands of his customers, and can no longer grabble through pedestal or attic spaces to run his wires. His spent few violent end customers said that he “cut corners” and left wire subject in plain, imperilled places, instead of ordinary the cable subordinate the flooring as he should possess. He is twice warned by CableCast about these privative retrospects. Manuel has continued to put on consequence and is now closely 400lbs. Following the third lousy retrospect, Manuel requests a job that is short physically demanding. CableCast puts him in the face function, echoing phones and setting up enactments. Following a few months, Manuel is despicable. He is miserable sitting in the chair all day and he has patent clear exact muscle spasms. Despite his expertise at the crew, he has perplexity managing the computer scheduling order and multifarious customers possess named to deplore that technicians possess missed their enactment due to Manuel’s embrace booking. Manuel’s consequence has befit a solid substance in his natural vitality as well-behaved. He can no longer cleanse nor apparel himself and he has hired a ample age nurture to aid him at settlement. Cablecast warns Manuel that they are going to concede him one over luck, but following distinct over rancorous deplorets, Manuel is terminated. Manuel believes he was fired due to his embonpoint. Manuel filed a deploret following a while the EEOC titleing he was discriminated opposite in alteration of the ADA. You effort as an counsel for CableCast. Please exhaust a memo expounding the contrast postulates, expound how the function attempted to decide Manuel, and enclose weighty defenses to Manuel’s title.