Homework and portfolio project

  Homework: Chapter 11 - Exercise 1   Chapter 12 –Exercise 1   Use this body for exercises. https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/  Portfolio Project This week picked an structure that has a Global platform (they produce in past than one province), that has demonstrated operational superiority.  NOTE: In this week, all you are submitting  is the identified structure. Once you do this you earn then rouse established on the developed surrender which earn be due direct week. The developed repute earn be due at the end of direct week and in this brochure, complete the subjoined activities: 1) Name the structure and little portray what good-natured-natured or use they hawk and where they produce. 2) Note how they are a differentiator in the communicate. 3) Note the instrument used to fix luck in their activity (recall instrument are middle of past than upright populace). 4) Explain what actions the gang took to complete operational superiority. The aloft surrender should be three pages in diffusiveness.  Remember the sum diffusiveness does not involve the APA prevailing shelter page or the references.  There should be at meanest three APA prevailing references to aid your operation