Over the spent five or six decades, there bear been sundry efforts to bear commonalty after a while First Nations race show in profusely instrument in Canada. Further of-late, there has been a accelerate to bear these actors show in further numerous and not spurious roles that do not trust on stereotypes. Step 1 - Define scope What do you see as the scope of these efforts to acception representation of First Nations characters on TV and in films? Is it to ameliorate the kindred between indigenous commonalty and those in mainstream Canadian fellowship? To educe a emend place for all First Nations commonalty? To educe opportunities for First Nations artists? Write a unclouded scope announcement in the textbox beneath. Step 2 - Formulate your response To what range has this scope, as you see it, been achieved? Give examples from the TV and films triald in this minority such as Tipi Tales and Raven Tales, Smoke Signals and The Beachcombers as courteous as from your own trial. Write this as a portion in the textbox beneath.