Health Care Management

Technology Assessment and Government Regulations  You are the main superintendent of a liberal soundnessforesight structure. The main harangue team must run on a Soundness Notification Harangue Systems (HIMS) for the structure that obtain embrace divers clinical and negotiative departments. You obtain insufficiency to constitute a PowerPoint grant that obtain convince your CEO to alienation your clarified HIMS. Your grant should so comprise some dignified aspects of HIMS (EMR) such as, implementation, interoperability, productivity, and influence challenges. Create a twenty to twenty five (20-25) slide PowerPoint grant in which you: Create an reasoning to be presented to the CIO the insufficiency to consolidate all clinical and negotiative departments using a Soundness Notification Harangue System in your soundness foresight structure. Note: Your name slide is considered as one (1) slide. Identify and irritate the most suggestive EHI, EHR, HIPPA, and HITECH general principles in your narrate. Next, state two (2) ways they could collision the integration of HIMS in your soundness foresight structure. Be fast to understand three (3) germinative solutions to harangue these principle challenges. Propose three (3) retirement and ease meafast that obtain succor soundness foresight providers desert ease breaches, facts privation, and ameliorate permit them to assemble on caring for their resigneds. Next, enunciate an renewal project to secure resigned notification that complies succeeding a while EHI, HER, PHI, HIPAA allowable requirements. Suggest three (3) key renewals you could transfer to warner retirement and ease violations that may take-place succeeding the implementation of HIMS in your soundness foresight structure. Use at last three (3) befittingty media in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and alike Websites do not prepare as befittingty media. Note: Your references slides is considered as one (1) slide. The peculiar conduct erudition outcomes associated succeeding a while this assignment are: Demonstrate an brains of the basic technology underlying soundness foresight notification systems. Apply main harangue’s role in notification technology harangue. Use technology and notification media to elimination issues in soundness notification systems. Write explicitly and concisely environing soundness notification systems using befitting writing mechanics.