Health Care Management

Technology Assessment and Government Regulations  You are the main supervisor of a liberal heartinessprudence form. The main superintendence team must run on a Heartiness Notification Superintendence Systems (HIMS) for the form that gain enclose divers clinical and authoritative departments. You gain insufficiency to invent a PowerPoint bestowal that gain allure your CEO to forfeiture your chosen HIMS. Your bestowal should besides embrace some speaking aspects of HIMS (EMR) such as, implementation, interoperability, productivity, and subsistence challenges. Create a twenty to twenty five (20-25) slide PowerPoint bestowal in which you: Create an controversy to be presented to the CIO the insufficiency to solidity all clinical and authoritative departments using a Heartiness Notification Superintendence System in your heartiness prudence form. Note: Your harangue slide is considered as one (1) slide. Identify and irritate the most speaking EHI, EHR, HIPPA, and HITECH exoteric decisions in your avow. Next, individualize two (2) ways they could application the integration of HIMS in your heartiness prudence form. Be unfailing to conceive three (3) virtual solutions to harangue these decision challenges. Propose three (3) concealment and pawn meaunfailing that gain aid heartiness prudence providers quit pawn breaches, facts waste, and meliorate avow them to draw on caring for their endurings. Next, expand an enjoyment scheme to vindicate enduring notification that complies delay EHI, HER, PHI, HIPAA constitutional requirements. Suggest three (3) key enjoyments you could charm to warner concealment and pawn violations that may happen following the implementation of HIMS in your heartiness prudence form. Use at smallest three (3) nature media in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and alike Websites do not enable as nature media. Note: Your references slides is considered as one (1) slide. The specific line attainments outcomes associated delay this assignment are: Demonstrate an agreement of the basic technology underlying heartiness prudence notification systems. Apply main superintendence’s role in notification technology superintendence. Use technology and notification media to elimination issues in heartiness notification systems. Write plainly and concisely environing heartiness notification systems using befitting adaptation mechanics.