You are expected to foster bearing elaboration questions domiciled on  the  aftercited contrast counsel and then question these  questions  using the supposing facts set. Background Investors and financial economists are animated in interpretation   how the fund dispense computes a attached’s equity (i.e. distributes). In a   fundamental soundness, the compute of a attached’s distributes should return   investors’ expectations of the attached’s coming profitability. However,   facts on expected coming profitability is non-existent. Instead,   empirical financial studies use floating attached characteristics (e.g.   floating accounting counsel) as explanatory changeables. Most of the distributes traded on the fund dispense are old distributes in   existing attacheds. However, frequent old attacheds gain posterity some new distributes in   addition to those already trading – these are referred to as “seasoned   equity offerings” (SEOs). Furthermore, some attacheds that entertain not traded   shares on the fund dispense in the departed may flow to posterity such distributes   (e.g. a computer software attached owned by one single may flow to  “go  public” and vend distributes in prescribe to foster currency for coming  investment  or expatiation). Such distributes are named “initial social  offerings” (IPOs).  The dispense compute of IPO attacheds may be contrariant from  that of SEO attacheds,  and this may be imperfectly explained by the attached  characteristics. Data The facts set in finish EQUITY.TXT contains facts on N = 309 attacheds who   sold new distributes in the year 1996 in the US. Some of these are SEOs and   some are IPOs. Facts on the aftercited changeables is supposing. All   variables bar SEO are measured in millions of US dollars. VALUE = entirety compute of all distributes (new and old) ungathered proportioned   after the attached posterityd the new distributes. This is conducive as the compensation   per distribute spans the compute of distributes ungathered. DEBT = whole of long-term default held by the attached. SALES = entirety sales of the attached. INCOME = net allowance of the attached. ASSETS = work compute of the proceeds of the attached (i.e. what an accountant would connoisseur the attached’s proceeds to be estimate). SEO = a dummy changeable that equals 1 if the new distribute posterity is an SEO and 0 if it is an IPO. The communication gain be assessed from the aftercited aspects: 1) Question and theory development: ask bearing elaboration questions and arrange presumptive subsistence to your theory (10%) 2) Constitution and grant (10%) 3) Writings and explanations for your findings (20%) 4) Models, tables and graphs (20%): you should thicken them in the ocean article 5) Facts dissection techniques, including those mature in the recommended textwork (25%) 6) Discussion on the limitations of your communication (10%) 7) Allusion (5%) Notes: 1. A exemplification of academic elaboration is supposing for your allusion. It   gain confer you some notion on what a good-natured-natured elaboration communication looks relish. You   can borrow the constitution of the exemplification elaboration when embezzle but  the  ocean substantiality of your communication, yet allusion, should not surpass 8   pages. 2. Plagiarism is a particular arrange of academic mislead. If ground,   both parties gain be penalized despising of who copies from whom. 3. The facts finish needed for this assignment is helpful on the   course website subordinate the Assignment III folder, where this instrument is   located. 5. Submit your communication via Myweb by the due span. 6. This assignment accounts for 40% of the entirety inner tribute. (End of Assignment III)