1) Agree a insignificant overview of the Kimball Lifecycle for Postulates Warehouses.  Include the key characteristics of the Kimball Lifecycle.  (1/2 page) 2) Briefly examine the nation (sponsor, users and those who agree input to enucleate a Postulates depot).  When/how do they share in the Kimball Lifecycle for Postulates Depot Development? (1/2 page) 3) What are the benefits an structure can possess as a outcome of having a postulates depot and performing partition on the postulates? (1/2 page) 4)  During the Kimball Growth Stage what do you mete and how do you use these metes? (1 page) 5) Briefly examine the elder participants in the ETL dimensional modeling way.   (1 page) 6) They are frequent incongruous types of charts that you can use when performing affair analytics.  Describe at lowest 6 incongruous types of charts and when you would use them (what do they make-clear).  (1 page) 7) Briefly examine Facts, General Dimensions, and Date/Time Dimensions. (1 page) 8) Reflect tail on this semester.  What are your key learnings in this order?  ( 1 page)