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CHAD340 GROUP PROJECT REQUIREMENTS_updated.docx Actions CHAD 340 Collocation Device Rubric Actions By the end of Learning Module 2, each collocation is lawful for presentting a register of articles summarizing each constituents' growth on the collocation device (one article for each constituent - one surrender per collocation). In your article, you should include the theme your collocation chose,  your sources, and how your collocation is growthing so far. Remember, each collocation constituent must feel a whole of 3 sources each. Also draw any challenges your collocation is facing.  Note: The sources each collocation constituent should contribute are the sources substance used in the collocation's annotated bibliography (each collocation constituent needs to feel 3 sources each) and should then be used in your minority of the collocation PowerPoint, since the PowerPoint is your delivery of what you feel literary. Please missive the pedagogue or myself if you feel any questions! Failure to present this obtain effect in up to 10 (ten) points deducted from THE GROUP's terminal track. If the collocation presents deficient summaries, the collocation's assignment track obtain meet in this effect. MY TOPIC IS  - overview of trauma that these conclusion can go through( causes)