database creation

  Update the basisbase that you created in Unit 3 to conceive the aftercited tables: Using the aftercited diagram that represents the primal seven tables, confirm relationships betwixt the tables and detail principal and exotic keys in your basisbase. Perform this apparition for the other tables in your basisbase as well-mannered. There should be a aggregate of sixteen (16) tables overall. Using the diagram, address the aftercited: Update the primal basisbase to conceive six appended tables as shown in the leading diagram. Define the relationships betwixt the tables in the SQL server environment. Enunquestioning that all principal keys are rightly created and that the exotic key columns are defined suitably. Make unquestioning that the 3 appended tables you adventitious in Unit 3 are as-well shown and bear confirmed relationships and their principal and exotic keys. Update the basisbase diagram, and originate the basis specification conversation (DDL) for all 16 tables.   Submit a conjoined Word muniment after a while all screenshots and the DDL.