database creation

  Update the factsbase that you created in Unit 3 to embrace the aftercited tables: Using the aftercited diagram that represents the judicious seven tables, institute relationships among the tables and particularize pristine and outlandish keys in your factsbase. Perform this earnestness for the other tables in your factsbase as courteous. There should be a completion of sixteen (16) tables overall. Using the diagram, discourse the aftercited: Update the judicious factsbase to embrace six attached tables as shown in the elementary diagram. Define the relationships among the tables in the SQL server environment. Enenduring that all pristine keys are justly created and that the outlandish key columns are defined suitably. Make enduring that the 3 attached tables you assumed in Unit 3 are too shown and own instituteed relationships and their pristine and outlandish keys. Update the factsbase diagram, and produce the facts restriction vernacular (DDL) for all 16 tables.   Submit a consolidated Word instrument after a while all screenshots and the DDL.