Write a C program (after a occasion meaningful comments) to work-out a total described in English.    Create an IPO. We neglect to sum how divers death spaces are penetrateed. We don’t perceive how divers spaces there allure be.  Use a guardian inferior occasion loop that allure ask the user to penetrate scholar spaces until a estimate of -1 is penetrateed.   Use a sumer capricious to sum all the spaces that are death spaces, where 70 is the incompleteness death space.  If there are any spaces that are out of the collocate 0 – 100, exhibit an blunder notice to the user, and do not sum that space as death.   We to-boot would relish to see what percentage of the substantial spaces are death (Please melody that this is congenial by dividing reckon of death spaces after a occasion reckon of substantial spaces and multiplying by 100). Create two over proof cases.  Use forthcoming one in analysis to the two you beget.  Grades Entered:                                      Expected Results 45 90 70 87 123                                                            “That is not a substantial space!” 100            -1                                                               You penetrateed 4 death spaces. 80.0% of the substantial spaces penetrateed are death spaces to do: An IPO or Flowchart for the total (10 points) Two proof cases that pretence two sets of input postulates, and the expected results of popular the program for each set of input postulates. These are to be written individually antecedently popular the program and gate the protect shots. ( 5 points)  The command that work-outs the death spaces total. Remember to use meaningful comments. (60 points) Output from popular the program 3 opposed times.  Use two proof cases that you begetd and the one I bear absorbed you. (5 points)