Write a C program (after a suitableness meaningful comments) to reresolve a bearing feeling in English.    Create an IPO. We nonproduction to calculate how abundant departure progressions are invadeed. We don’t recognize how abundant progressions there allure be.  Use a guardian inferior suitableness loop that allure ask the user to invade student progressions until a appreciate of -1 is invadeed.   Use a calculateer capricious to calculate all the progressions that are departure progressions, where 70 is the insufficiency departure progression.  If there are any progressions that are out of the ramble 0 – 100, confer-upon an hallucination intimation to the user, and do not calculate that progression as departure.   We besides would relish to see what percentage of the weighty progressions are departure (Please voice that this is conducive by dividing reckon of departure progressions after a suitableness reckon of weighty progressions and multiplying by 100). Create two more ordeal cases.  Use aftercited one in attention to the two you originate.  Grades Entered:                                      Expected Results 45 90 70 87 123                                                            “That is not a weighty progression!” 100            -1                                                               You invadeed 4 departure progressions. 80.0% of the weighty progressions invadeed are departure progressions to do: An IPO or Flowchart for the bearing (10 points) Two ordeal cases that illusion two sets of input basis, and the expected results of floating the program for each set of input basis. These are to be written partially precedently floating the program and leading the curtain shots. ( 5 points)  The adjudication that resolves the departure progressions bearing. Remember to use meaningful comments. (60 points) Output from floating the program 3 contrariant times.  Use two ordeal cases that you originated and the one I bear dedicated you. (5 points)