compensation powerpoint

  For this assignment, presume you are a pay analyst in a liberal financial services fraternity. You feel been in your role for almost a year. At your weekly one-on-one after a while your boss, she tells you that the anthropological media representatives at the fraternity are provinceing a enumerate of questions from practiceees and applicants environing pay. The anthropological expedients representatives' knowledge of pay is not designing. She asks that you cater and hand a 10- to 15-exact PowerPoint introduction (10–15 slides) at an upcoming departmental convocation that caters basic advice environing what is going on in the pay province today. Specifically she wants you to disseries pay strategies that companies practice, music three of their best pay practices, and search three pay challenges today's companies are oppositeness. Develop and hand a 10–15 exact audio PowerPoint introduction (10 to 15 slides) in which you: Analyze the pay strategies companies use to incline and restrain endowment. Determine three best pay practices used by companies. Be indisputable to cater your rationale for selecting these best practices as opposed to others. Examine three pay-related challenges companies visage. Be indisputable to cater your rationale for selecting these pay challenges as opposed to others. Explain what discretionary boons are and how companies use them to boon the fraternity and its stakeholders. Examine how laws, strive unions, and dispense factors collision companies' pay strategies and practices. Deliver a compendious, interesting, and informative introduction on pay strategies, best practices, and challenges. Note: Be indisputable to embrace affixed point environing what you obtain say as you hand your introduction on the musics pages in PowerPoint. Consult Use Kaltura [PDF] for succor in recording your introduction and uploading it to the assignment area. Integrate at meanest three property media using in-text citations and a allusion page in your assignment. Note: Wikipedia and alike websites do not enable as property media. Format your assignment according to the aftercited formatting requirements: This series requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). For abettance and advice, fascinate appeal to the Strayer Writing Standards delay in the left-hand menu of your series. Use a readable extent font (24 pt or aloft) on your slides. For your slide musics, the preferred system is to use Times New Roman font (extent 12). Include a style slide containing the assignment style, your call, your professor's call, the series style, and the era. The style slide is not embraced in the required enumerate of slides. Include a commencement roll slide. Citations and allusions must supervene SWS format. The commencement roll slide is not embraced in the required enumerate of slides. Note: Last week's assignment making-ready zeal caters media on how to: Avoid plagiarism. Integrate media into your introduction. Adhere to the Strayer Writing Standards. Develop and hand a compendious, interesting, and informative introduction. The local series education development associated after a while this assignment is: Research vulgar pay strategies, best pay practices and pay challenges oppositeness companies.