Application Of Role Theory To A Case Study

Identify the presenting drift for the occurrence con-over for Helen (see attachment).(Remember the presenting drift has to be framed from the perspective of role supposition. For model, the presenting drift can be framed amid the treatment of role functioning). Identify all the bearing roles conjectured by the client. Analyze the gregarious expectations and gregarious and cultural norms revolving about the role, gregarious lie, and role scripts of one of the roles conjectured by the client. Explain the role and gregarious lie of the gregarious worker in started delay the client in the occurrence con-over. Describe how the role(s) and gregarious lie(s) conjectured by the gregarious worker get bias the interdependence among the gregarious worker and the client. Identify three tribute questions that are guided by role suplie that you get ask the client to rectify conceive the drift. Identify and delineate two mediations that are aligned delay the presenting drift and role supposition. Identify one product that you would appraise if you were to evaluate one of the mediations you would appliance to detail if the mediation is telling. Evaluate one practice and one shyness in using role suplie in conceiveing the occurrence.