In this assignment, students get be required to consider on unadorned Fourth Amendment instances. The Fourth Amendment protects U.S. citizens from absurd pursuites and seizures. However, what if the subsidence of the pursuit is in an uncommon subsidence? What environing an self-evident prevalent subsidence?  For this assignment, students get nucleus their essays on immodest restricted areas to embody pursuites conducted:  a) in homes,  b) on an singular peculiar,  c) in notorious schools, and  d) in motor vehicles. In this Unit, there are further than 19 unadorned instances listed beneath that resemble each of the immodest areas outlined aggravate. Choose one instance from each of the immodest areas to argue how the Fourth Amendment has progressive aggravate span naturalized on the material area investigated by law enforcement offices. Should the restricted area subject? Should there be contrariant parameters naturalized on the area pursuited? Why, or why not?  Your essay should embody a restriction of immodest instances and complete one prevalent and one uncommon pursuit subsidence when argueing the immodest restricted areas of the essay. Your completed assignment should be a restriction of three (3) pages, not counting the intimation page, and should be typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font. All without sources should be right cited in APA format.   Historical instances touching the Fourth Amendment pre-9/11: a) Davis v. United States (1946) b) United States v. Robinson (1973) c) Payton v. New York (1980) d) Maryland v. Macon (1985) e) Terry v. Ohio (1968) f) Minnesota v. Dickerson (1993) g) New Jersey v. TLO (1985) h) United States v. Montoya de Hernandez (1985) i) Michigan Department of State Police v. Sitz (1990) j) City of Indianapolis v. Edmond (2000) Historical instances touching the Fourth Amendment post-9/11: k) United States v. Arvizu (2002) l) Illinois v. Lidster (2004) m) Illinois v. Caballes (2005) n) Brendlin v. California (2007) o) Georgia v. Randolph (2006) p) Hudson v. Michigan (2006) q) United States v. Grubbs (2006) r) Arizona v. Gant (2009) s) Arizona v. Johnson (2009)