1.5-2 pages summary reflection

Assignment Description: For the Summary Reflection, corcorrespond to the forthcoming two questions in a 1.5-2 page essay that incorporates at last THREE dispose instrument (which can embrace readings or videos). Abide by the nuts-and-bolts requirements granted at the end of this handout, and reach easy to use asingle “voice” in adaptation your meditation.  This assignment is costly to me as a adherent in that it reveals what students root most purportful, considerable, and/or interesting in a continuity, so candor and single meditation are especially grateful in this Reflection. Assignment Questions: Imagine that 20 years entertain passed past you entertain enthralled this continuity, and you are meditation upon its lessons. What three considerable take-away messages or conceptsfrom this dispose conciliate you foreclosure or rate at that era? Please concoct on the purport and moment of these ideas/concepts to the sociological examine of sexuality Briefly publish a vignette or prproffer a meditation upon the most considerable or illustrious feature of this continuity for you singlely. What conciliate you retain environing this continuity in five years? What constituent of the continuity has most collisioned how you consider environing sexuality and humanization in the United States, and what is the create of that collision? Nuts and Bolts: References: 3 continuity instrument, which may embrace a confederacy of continuity readings and videos 12-point font; Times New Roman; double-spaced 1” margins throughout Minimum prolixity = 1.5 pages; Maximum prolixity = 2 ample pages Fully paginated In-text citations and References Page required APA createatting throughout