Discussion Responses

1.)  In chapter 4 I read about the different ways of learning. I actually fall into many categories. I learn by reading, visually, and by working alone. I find that doing all the things previously listed I learn very well. I read and highlight, take notes, make pictures (depending on what it pertains to, mainly math when it comes to the visual part). I definitely do prefer working alone (I don’t like the distractions). The characteristics of the type of learning that suggests that it fits for me is reflective learning. I tend to gather as much information as possible doing a lot of research before I commit to something (in other words before I make my final decision or make up my mind). The classroom environment that I feel works best for me is by visually seeing what the teacher is trying to teach, for example: things written on the chalk board or white board, posters around the room, and independent work. In addition, to hands on (actually doing the work to help me learn or teach me how to do it, that way I actually learn how). I am a pretty quick learner and can pretty much adapt to almost any type of learning that is required. For example: the online courses I am taking this semester, this is all new to me. I do very well in an actual classroom setting. So this is new to me and I am learning to adapt to the difference.

2.)  As I read the chapter for this assignment I came to the conclusion that I am visual learning. In order for me to learn a new skill or comprehend a lesson. I have to see what I’m learning, such as taking notes, watching someone as they work. It also helps if I watch a tutorial or education video to help with the subject. Reading about the topic also helps me understand learn about the topic as well. In the classroom when the teacher is teaching off a PowerPoint or writing down. I follow along and this helps me learn better. 

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Discussion Responses
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3.)  As I read this weeks chapter , I started to think about my learning style and I have concluded I am a visual learner. I prefer there to be graph with numbers or pictures of topics that are being discussed. I feel that a picture stays more fresh in my mind than information written down. Although, I do like a corresponding information to explain what I am visually seeing because it helps me better understand task ahead or new information. At my job most meetings have all information with bullet points and I can find myself sometimes not paying attention . When the speaker at the meeting puts on a small video or shows a picture I seem to grasp the information more being commutated to me. I have other aspects that make me fall into different categories but mostly I am a visual learner.

4.)  After reading chapter 4, and learning more about the different styles of learning; I had to take a step back and really analyze myself over the years as a student. I looked over each of the characteristics of each of learning style and i was able to settle on being a reflector and visual learner. I believe that i am a reflector learner because, when it comes to making decisions in my personal life or at work, i always want to make sure that i make the best decision that benefits all. My job requires me to deal with parents and teens on a daily basis. It is never an easy task to communicate with teens, which is why i make sure that when there are concerns or problems that come up, I listen to them carefully and also listen to their choice of words but also pay close attention to their body language, because you can get a lot of information from that as well. Its being able to listen and observe, that helps me come up with possible solutions that they may be facing at that time, I feel confident in my decision and knowing that I am doing everything to the best of my ability to have an outcome that benefits them as well. I also can relate to being a visual learner, because I like to be able to visually layout information for others or when i am preparing my self for a presentation, I relay on making power point presentations, which enables me to present the information more accurately. I think that the classroom environment that works best for me is definitely spatial/visual. I am someone that can pick things up by watching others or having the information presented to me. I am one of those students that enjoys taking notes, and even at times re-writing my notes, that way it can stick with me better. 


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