Cryptography Keys


Cryptography provides confidentiality, integrity authentication, and nonrepudiation for sensitive information while it is stored (at rest), traveling across a network (in transit), and existing in memory (in use). Cryptography keys play in the world of data security and are an extremely important security technology embedded in many of the security controls used to protect information from unauthorized visibility and use.   
Let’s say you work for one of the following types of industry: 

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Cryptography Keys
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  • Manufacturing 
  • Government 
  • Research 
  • Service 
  • Consulting 

After you choose one of the above, consider the three types of algorithms commonly used today. Which do you find to be the most secure? Which is the most complex? Which did you struggle to understand? What do you think you need to know as a manager in order to choose the right security systems for your company?  Be sure to fully develop your responses and support your opinion with reasons from your study this week. 


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