Please search about 15 to 20 potential project in regards to supply chain management. I have attached the slides from this week meeting for reference. The template is attached what that assignment need to be done on.    

By completing this assignment, you will record your activities for the discovery of a potential project topic, and you will narrow the search to two possible project topics of interest.

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DB8015 Capstone Project: Project Discovery Activity Template

Project Discovery Activity: Complete all Steps (1.0-6.0)

1.0 Learner Name and Specialization

Stanley Thompson Jr.
Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

2.0 Identify potential topics of interest based upon your specialization courses and practitioner experiences.

3.0 Describe how you conducted web-based searches of consultant websites, conferences, and other project-based sources.


.0 List the projects of interest identified through web-based searches.

5.0 Identify two potential projects from the list above, for further development.

6.0 Provide a rationale for the selection of the two projects for further development. What makes these projects manageable and feasible? What questions remain?


Effective: v1.3 November 2019

Crafting a Pipeline Development Strategy for a Small Business Contractor


Small business government contractors are challenged to quickly respond to the federal and state governments’ requests for information (RFI) and requests for proposal (RFP) considered for future contracting awards.

· Small business owners may be unskilled in applying data analysis. A clear link between the use of business lead generation from data analytics tools and the business value must be established.  

Scope of a Project

This project will help the owner of a small government contracting business incorporate data analytics into the strategic planning and evaluation processes for business transformation.

The Learner will work with the small business owner in developing search techniques to generate short-fused leads.

· Search results will be analyzed based upon bid outcomes.

Project Questions

Possible project questions to be answered:

1.    What are the best business practices for data analysis for pipeline lead generation using software as a service (SaaS)?

2.    What new business growth strategies emerge from the use of SaaS data analysis?

Optimizing the B2B Customer Onboarding Experience


In a 2016 CEO survey from McKinsey, participants reported that for every 10-percentage-point increase in customer satisfaction, revenues can increase between 2% to 3%. The start-up or onboarding of a business-to-business (B2B) relationship is critical for driving and sustaining favorable customer experiences.

· The problem is B2B suppliers are challenged during this period by a limited understanding of customer expectations, and a lack of alignment across all customer facing groups within the organization when onboarding the customer.

· B2B service suppliers may have the need for a consultant’s skills in establishing agreed-to and repeatable client onboarding processes shown to be successful.

Scope of Project

This project will be sponsored by the Director of New Client Implementation and VP of Business Development of a large B2B management services provider in the health care sector.

· The Learner will work with the management sponsors and designates (the project team) to evaluate the characteristics of effective client onboarding practices.

· A set of purposeful criteria will be established for identifying successfully completed onboarding projects within the context of this organization’s service model.

· Based upon the findings, the learner will present client onboarding recommendations to senior management for scope, workflow management and performance metrics, among others.

Project Questions

· What are the characteristics of successful client on-boarding initiatives at a large management service provider in the health care sector?

· What are the best practices for coordination of client on-boarding practices?


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