Week 2 Constitution Analysis

How does this article affect Homeland Security?

Week 2 Constitution Analysis

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Week 2 Constitution Analysis
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Each week you will review pertinent articles or amendments from the United States Constitution.  The rationale for this assignment is to familiarize you with the constitution and its importance in protecting the nation and the rights of American citizens.  This assignment should be submitted in 

APA format (Links to an external site.)

 utilizing any resources necessary to relate the assigned portion of the constitution to homeland security.

Review Article

three (III) (Links to an external site.)

 of the 

Constitution (Links to an external site.)

. How does this article affect Homeland Security?

Write a short 1-page paper (a minimum of 300 words). Be thorough and reflective. It is important that you demonstrate your ability to critically analyze information. Prepare your response in a Word document and submit.


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