week 2

There are three separate attachments. For the written assignment it needs to be APA format in word documents. The templates need to be completed on the template document.

Lab #2 – Assessment Worksheet

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week 2
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Using Access Control Lists to Modify File System Permissions on
Windows Systems

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  • Lab Due Date:
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    Lab Assessment Questions

    1. What does ACL stand for and how is it used?

    2. Why would you add permissions to a group instead of the individual?

    3. List at least three different types of access control permissions you can enable
    for a file using icacls.exe.

    4. Which access control permissions allow you to change files and/or folders?

    5. If you don’t remember the syntax when using icacls.exe, what command do
    you type to see the options?

    6. Without using the icacls.exe tool, how could you view and modify the privileges
    of the files or folders of a shared drive?

    7. Where do permissions modified using the icacls.exe tool appear in the folder

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      Lab Due Date:

    1. Question 1:
    2. Question 3:
    3. Question 2:
    4. Question 4:
    5. Question 5:
    6. Question 6:
    7. Question 7:

    COM520Written Assignment 2

    Assignment: Recommendations for Access Controls

    Assignment Requirements

    In the lab for Module 1, Configure Active Directory and implement Departmental and User Access
    Controls, you defined the groups, users, and listed access controls necessary to fulfill specific access
    requirements. In this assignment, you will evaluate how each control affects users’ access to files and
    folders. You will also examine how changing access controls can affect your users’ ability to access files
    and folders.

    Here are the users and groups you defined in the lab:
    User Member of Groups

    SFuser01 ShopFloor

    SFuser02 ShopFloor

    SFmanager ShopFloor, Manager

    HRuser01 HumanResources

    HRuser02 HumanResources

    HRmanager HumanResources, Manager

    In the lab, you considered access requirements for four folders:

     C:\ERPdocuments – This folder will contain miscellaneous shared files for the ERP software.

     C:\ERPdocuments\HRfiles – Folder for shared HumanResources user files.

     C:\ERPdocuments\SFfiles – Folder for shared ShopFloor user files.

     C:\ERPdocuments\MGRfiles – Folder for shared Manager user files.

    Here is a suggested list of access controls with basic permissions for each of the four folders your users
    will need to access:

    Folder Who Can Modify
    Who Can Read and

    Who Can List Folder


    C:\ERPdocuments Manager Manager
    Manager, ShopFloor,

    C:\ERPdocuments\HRfiles HumanResources



    C:\ERPdocuments\SFfiles Manager, ShopFloor Manager, ShopFloor Manager, ShopFloor

    C:\ERPdocuments\MGRfiles Manager Manager Manager

    Based on the requirements stated above, answer the following questions:

    1. The access requirements in the table above are based on reference groups. However, should
    Windows access controls to implement these requirements be based on groups or individual
    users? Explain.

    2. How would you provide a human resource (HR) manager with the ability to modify files in
    C:\ERPdocuments\HRfiles without giving the same ability to other managers?

    3. Describe what would happen if you removed HR from the ‘List folder contents’ permission for


    4. Describe what would happen if you added Shop Floor to the ‘Modify’ permission for

    COM520 Written Assignment 2


    Submission Requirements

     Format: Microsoft Word

     Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space

     Citation Style: APA Style

     Length: 1–2 pages

    Self-Assessment Checklist

     I have explained how access controls affect the ability of different users to access objects.

     I have explained with proper reasoning the impact of changes made in the worksheet on users’
    access and which users would encounter problems if the changes were implemented.

    Lab#2 – Assessment Worksheet

    Obtaining Personally Identifiable Information through Internet
    Course Name and Number:

  • Student Name:
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  • Instructor Name:
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    Lab Due Date:

    Lab Assessment Questions

    1. Complete the following table to describe the results you discovered about your
    own personally identifiable information on the Internet.

    Search Engine Was personal
    (Yes or No)






    Your local government website




    2. Was there enough personal information returned that could potentially be used for
    identity theft? Explain why or why not.

    3. How can identity thieves take advantage of social networking users to steal
    personal information?

    4. According to Facebook.com, who owns the information posted by a user? Include
    specific text from Facebook.com in your answer.

    5. What is a security feature you should always look for in any website that will ask
    for personal information to share with others?

    6. What implications can the social networking sites have for job applicants?

    7. What is the risk of combining your family and personal friends with your business
    contacts and associates?

    8. What type of personal information could an attacker obtain from a user profile on
    LinkedIn.com that he or she could use for identity theft?

    9. Suppose someone posted your highly confidential personal information on a social
    networking site, and you wish to have the results removed from the Google search
    engine. Describe some actions you could take to have the information removed.

    10. How does one find publicly available records online?

    11. What are some options if you wish to continue using Twitter.com, but need to
    protect the information you send from public view?

    12. List the type of information you can obtain from a background search on sites such
    as InstantCheckmate.com.

    1. Course Name andNumber:
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      Instructor Name:

    3. LabDue Date:
    4. Q2:
    5. Q3:
    6. Q4:
    7. Q5:
    8. Q6:
    9. Q7:
    10. Q8:
    11. Q9:
    12. Q10:
    13. Q11:
    14. Q12:
    15. Group1: Off
    16. Group2: Off
    17. Group3: Off
    18. Group4: Off
    19. Group5: Off
    20. Group6: Off
    21. Group7: Off
    22. Group8: Off
    23. Group9: Off


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