Week 2

  1. Identify and discuss the threat or security problem.  
  2. Who is affected?  
  3. Are there conflicting perspectives in the TE about the extent of the problem (Do others see this the same way? If so, explain).  
  4. Any other relevant situational issues (historical, social, cultural, economic, political)?  
  5. Establish the extent of the problem you wish to prevent.  
  6. Obtain statistics or data related to support your claim that there is a threat to your TE.  
  7. Once the problem is identified, review literature review which discusses how to prevent the crime or solve the security problem.  
  8. Report on programs which have been successful, and which have not been successful.
  9. Use primary sources (e.g., interviews, agency documents, observations, and the course text) and OTHER sources (e.g., books and/or journal articles). A minimum of FIVE (5) resources is expected. Any resource listed in your Reference section should have a corresponding in-text citation.


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