Web Browser Forensics


Last week you conducted a short APA research paper on an overview of Web Browser Forensics, this week we are going to dig a little deeper. You are to take one of the web browsers from the top 10 (but no more than 3 people can choose one browser) (see website below). Go to the discussion board (Web Browser Choice) and post which browser you are going to explore and make sure no more than 3 peole are doing one. and provide in depth research on the web browser to include such things as history of the web browser, operating system compatibility, including computer and mobile, security features and weaknesses, location of forensic artifacts, how is data stored, where web browser artifacts are found, chart of statistical information, articles on attacks/hacking of web browser, and any other forensic data needed for an incident response to understand how an attack on a computer or computer network began and finding the source of compromise. This list is just an example and can include more than this but at a minimum should at least include these items.

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Web Browser Forensics
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Top 10 Internet Browsers – Most Popular Web Browsers of 2019 (Reviewed & Compared) 


Your research should include a 5 page APA research paper in APA format, with all supporting references. in depth research on the topic .Cover all the points


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